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Asami Tanaka vs. Toni Ironsides 11.27.19


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Ten Thunders vs Arcanists

Asami Tanaka vs. Toni Ironsides
Flank Deployment, Turf War
Demo Scheme Pool: Search the Ruins, Vendetta

Ten Thunders:

  • Asami with Trained Ninja
  • Amanjaku
  • Ama No Zako
  • Yasunori with Silent Protector
  • Shadow Emissary
  • Ohaguro Bettari

Arcanists: (This was played by a new player and I don't have a soulstone miner or Howard for the crew. Otherwise, they would both be in the crew)

  • Toni Ironsides
  • Mouse
  • The Captain
  • Amina Naidu
  • 2 Gunfighters
  • Union Miner

Flank Deployment - Table was setup for turf war. The table had several areas of Dense forest intermixed with small buildings and a couple small hazardous terrain just on either side of the central turf war marker. There were lots of scatter terrain, as well.

This was a demo and was the Arcanists’ player’s second time playing, though the first time, he didn’t make it through the first turn before having to leave. This game was also cut short after turn 3 with Ten Thunders winning 4-3, with 2 from strat for both and 2 for Vendetta for TT with Ohaguro on The Captain, and 1 for Vendetta for Arcanists with Amina on Ama No Zako.

Arcanist player decided Ama No Zako was too powerful to leave alive so killed her top of turn 3 without Amina being able to get close enough to do damage.

The Emissary’s card draw worked better today than yesterday and it helped having a card to cheat if needed, but flipped an 11 of mask to get the trigger for Ama’s Dark Bargain. Toni and the Captain were in range of Asami, so moved up, summoned a Jorogumo then used Reaching Tendrils to push the Jorogumo into engagement with the Captain. The Captain wailed on it and used Knock Aside on it. The Jorogumo then charged in attacking a Gunsmith, one of its favorite things to chew on. Toni then got involved killing the Oni, then did Bring It on Ama No Zako. Then Toni finished with Intimidate on Ama No Zako, because well, the Oni’s terrifying.

Turn 2, Toni was tough to handle but I was able to move her away from The Captain with Ohaguro’s Lure and then used Divine Charge to charge The Captain. Flickered attack got the Hag a straight flip and cheated in the red joker for damage. Then declared Vendetta. Toni charged Ohaguro and engaged Ama No Zako to keep Ama from finishing off the Captain with her Caught In the Ring Ability. Asami summoned another Jorogumo which then popped Ohaguro out of danger and into concealing terrain and into base contact with a turf war marker. Asami then did a Mother’s Love on Ama No Zako and the Jorogumo. The injured Gunsmith killed Amanjaku with one shot and then pinged the Jorogumo. The Jorogumo charged, but actually placed into engagement (with Asami's  Violation of Reality ability) with the Captain and Toni tying them up once again. Toni took 7 damage after shielding (from Amina) and using adrenaline from the one flickered attack with one benefiting from a focus. But the Jorogumo also died on the second attack as Toni took the hits, but popped right back for red joker damage on first and then moderate killing the jorogumo. It was a tough day in the ring for the Jorogumo, but that was its purpose. Better something that was summoned than Ama or Ohaguro or Asami herself. The Yasunori schemed and flipped turf war markers. The Emissary flipped turf war marker and then charged a Union Miner who was unimpressed with the dragon’s stompiness or fighting prowess. And then the game was called as the opponent needed to go. But he definitely loved the game and is already looking at other crews, specifically Euripides. 

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It's good to see new people coming to the game. However be sure that the new player knows that Savages isn't a very straightforward crew to play, the Ice Pilar shenanigans and the Old Ways are a bit hard to use well.

Good targeting with the Gunsmith, those needs to go asap (Mouse too). However I'd try to avoid picking fights with Toni if you can't negate the trigger (Stunned, Masked Agent, Unnerving, Wp attacks...) or deal irreductible damage, Toni will just demolish anything in close combat if she may use the df trigger and adrenaline, it's not worth it.

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15 minutes ago, frumpypigskin said:

Did Ohgaru being within 6" of Toni come into play much? I sometimes wonder what's better. Brining her or adding masked agent to a favourite beater. 

You know, I was so focused on getting the Vendetta point by getting the Captain alone and then to half wounds and then making sure The Hag survived, that I didn't leave her around near enough to use her Unnerving Presence. If Vendetta hadn't been in the pool, I definitely would have focused more on Toni. I think she's totally worth it, though, because Toni and the Captain have defensive triggers. And her Diving Charge is great for the pounce when you need it. Good to use to get in on Gunsmiths as well. I like her a lot.

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