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Waldo's Weekly - Black Friday is Live


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Hello Wyrdos!

This week, Waldo got very excited. His adventures through the vents (ad-vent-ures?) led him to a secret room in the office we didn’t even know existed. We only found out about it after he broke through one of our walls, carrying as many boxes as he could. After we poked our heads into the Waldo-shaped hole, we saw…models. Mountains of beautiful models we had all thought lost to the ages!


So while Waldo enjoys his plunder from this super-secret minis vault (or just builds a fortress of death with Colette boxes), we have just a tiny bit of news to share:

The Black Friday sale is live! Head to our webstore and pick yourself up some brand new and limited minis from now until December 2nd. We have a ton of new stuff (even a few surprises- go check!) and great offers, including:


Our first Waldoscape (Bah Humbug Waldo), $30 or FREE with every order over $150.

We’re also including a special Encounter Card with Waldo, with one scenario each for Malifaux and The Other Side. Malifaux’s involves racing across the centerline trying to chase down Waldo, scoring points if you take out your enemies for his entertainment. For The Other Side, Waldo hands out gifts…but of course, stealing presents and convincing Waldo to come back to your side of the table is part of the fun too. You can see both scenarios below.


We’ll be helping Waldo move into his new fortress of death over the next few days, which obviously will require turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce to recuperate.

We’ll be out of the office until December 2nd, so all correspondence placed from now until then will get answered when we get back. Stay bundled up, because next week might bring a cold front to Malifaux and the Breach…

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