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Miss Fire's Cigar


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The way that part (the head and torso piece) is on the sprue, that's probably a common way for damage to occur.  I checked, and GMorts Chaotica's review had the same damage without being noticed:  http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2016/11/unboxing-malifaux-miss-fire.html

You've basically got three options:

  • Shrug, and assemble the model anyway.  GMorts didn't comment on the damage to his in his write up, he probably didn't even notice it missing.
  • Insert a paperclip segment into the mouth, probably using a very fine drill bit.
  • Go to the Damaged/Mispacked Product Form and request a new head/torso piece.  https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact 

I had to spend a few minutes finding my assembled one and remaining extra, and verifying that it actually had the cigar.  My assembled one has its cigar, and so does the extra one, but on the extra one the cigar's bent (probably because of random impact, or the base in the bag slid across and knocked into it).

Edit:  Disclaimer:  Word has a pretty good turn around time for parts, but also usually won't send you any notice your parts on the way.  In the past, you only get a message if they need to ask a question.

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Thanks for the reply, I was pretty much just commenting on the "That's gunna suck to fix" factor. I've done a damaged/mispack for a different model and they sent that portion of the sprue. I don't think I would do that in this case as the sprue is the whole model. Looking at what I have around here, I definitely don't have a drill bit that small, and the closest thing I have that diameter is a piece of mechanical pencil lead; my fingers are too clumsy to make something out of greenstuff. I'm thinking I'll bore a small hole with the tip of a sewing needle for the insertion.

Has anyone else done this repair, looking for suggestions while I'm on here procrastinating. 

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