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Facing December's Regrets - January 12th 2020


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This will be the first tournament of the 2020 Masters year at Common Ground Games, Stirling, Scotland. The day will consist of 3 50ss fixed master games timed at 2 hours per game.

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Wooden spoon. There will also be the usual best in faction badges.

Tickets will be £12.50 available via PayPal at scottishmetaevents@gmail.com.

Rounds will be announced 2 weeks before the event and will use the most up to date Gaining Grounds available. Painted is not required but is encouraged as the event will be being recorded and possibly streamed by our friends at Scottishmeta.

Paid entrants:
1.Kai Young
2. Steven Thomson
3. Steve Johnstone
4. Euan Grieve
5. Dave Laing
6. Martyn Nicol
7. Bruce Redfern
8.David Garrard
9.Mark Watson
10. Javier Boveda
11. Michael Arnott
12. Jamie Gemmell

Confirmed but still to pay:
Chanley Currie
Callum Palin
Andy Bushell
Ross McGuiness
Gary McGinnis
Jamie Clark
Andy Bushell

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Schemes for the day:
Game 1
Wedge Deployment
Plant explosives
Claim jump
Take prisoner
Hold up their forces

Game 2
Standard Deployment
Detonate Charges
Harness the Leyline
Search the Ruins
Deliver a message

Game 3
Corner Deployment
Corrupted Idols
Harness the leyline
Deliver a message
Claim jump

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