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H: TT models W: $$$/Trade


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I have the following Ten Thunders models for sale/trade. Shipping from Ontario, Canada. All models are built:

Jakob Lynch

Hungering Darkness

3 Illuminated

2 Beckoner

Gwyneth Maddox (painted)

Alt Mr. Tannen

Alt Mr. Graves

2 Samurai (1 painted, 1 basecoated)

Yasunori (wings and rider not glued for easier transport)


Would prefer to sell/trade as a whole, but will take any offers.

Looking for the following (in order or preference):


Prospector (would prefer the skinny old man, but the woman is also an option)

1 Freikorps Librarian (with the book)

2 Night Terrors

Vincent St. Clair

Izamu, the Armor

Ashes and Dust

Mindless Zombies

Emeline Bellerose

Benny Wolcomb

1 Dead Doxy

1 Dead Dandy

Dead Rider

Yin, the Penangalan



Carrion Emissary

Cat Princess and 4 Alley Cats


Captain Zipp

Parker Barrows

Von Schill


Thank you.


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