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HAVE: Random Non-Neverborn Models


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Let’s try this again, now that M3E has launched... last time I tried to trade or sell was 2 years ago so this completely changes what I was looking to get rid of as well as what I’d like to trade for...



6x Gupps (two of each type, on sprue)

2x Wild Boars (on sprue)

2x M2E Convict Gunslinger (painted)

1x M2E Performer aka Showgirl (painted)

1x 1.5e Carrion Effigy (75% painted)

1x 1.5e Papa Loco (75% painted)

1x M2E Brutal Effigy (50% painted)

1x M2E Lazarus (painted)

1x M2E MalifauX Child (painted)

1x 1.5e Nix (25% painted)

1x M2E Johanna (90% painted)

1x M2E Nurse (painted)

1x M2E Ototo (10% painted)

1x 1.5e Student of Conflict (painted)

Arcane Fate Deck

Bad Ink Fate Deck

One Blue, One Green and Two Red Fate Decks 




The First Mate




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