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Basse vs Jacob Lynch

Yore Huckleberry

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Got a casual game at my LGS, Basse vs Lynch in a setup with a lot of alleyways.

Turf War, flank deployment.

Power Ritual, Vendetta, Assassinate, Search the Ruins, Hold Up Their Forces

I took Power Ritual and Vendetta (Austringer vs an Illuminated). He deployed towards one side for a clear power ritual push so I deployed towards that side with B Basse and Austringer (tracking my target), with C Basse, Reichart, and a Pathfinder ready to cover the middle. Lone Marshal hired in ook to scare off Hungering Darkness with Relentless and Run and Gun; Guild Steward backed everyone up.  I also took 3 traps and used them to cover the 3 points along the diagonal centerline. I summoned a fourth trap round one near the center, which waddled forward and didn’t do much all game:

He got off a ton of hand manipulation, and I sort of wish I’d brought the clockwork grenade upgrade or Papa Loco and the Pale Rider to throw a lot of extra duels at him. That said the traps did a good amount of forcing duels through after his key deck rigging moments. I staggered Huggy a few times, which stopped him from scheme running or selecting targets. At first I kept the Marshal and Reichart back but he didn’t seem interested in Vendetta targets, so they created a front line. Traps stopped him from getting to the interact points or power ritual zones.

We played three rounds and I basically kept him pinned down by my deployment push and some trap work. Basse works far better at that on the table than in my head. Activation pacing was a bit of a headache and Cornelius and Jonathan each found themselves out without a dust cloud a few times, but they were nice protection on the advance.

Wound up scoring strat round 2 and strat and Vendetta round 3 (Cornelius got some good blast damage onto the Illuminated target for Vendetta, and the Austringer wound up having to chest down to a weak to leave it up, although we were calling time at that point). Lynch got a strat point in round three. I misplayed an action with the Guild Steward that could have potentially flipped a marker so Cornelius didn’t have to in round three, which might have allowed him to finish off a model and flip back Lynch’s marker.

Post gaming: I should have used the pathfinder to give the Lone Marshal more movement and had Bernadette throw Bring It at him for extra range; would have easily scored Power Ritual in round 2, but I wasn’t willing to leave it open to Hungering Darkness; shouldn’t have worried. He had taken power ritual and Search the Ruins A’s schemes, and felt like the traps were good prevention.


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