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A stranger walks into the bayou


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Hi all 


So I've been pondering picking up some bayou in the new year to give me a change from ressers and arcanists. However only played vs bayou a couple of times so don't really know what's good and what not (beyond first mate) 


I'm interested in orphelia, mah, zip and ulix. Brewmaster semi interests me but looking at his crew not sure what they are good for. Zoridia isn't gremlin so she doesn't count. Not sure on if I like sommer or not and wong I've got o interest in 


So bayou players, teach me your ways 

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In order of feel - complexity - and game style I will try to give my best breakdown.

Zipp is a super fast denial play style he shuts down entire areas of the table for your opponent that places himself in the middle of their crew adding a high tax on their actions.

Ophelia (full honesty here I haven't got her to table yet) is very flexible with her ability to equip multiple upgrades in game - tends to be more damage focused - they don't have necessary the best tools for every task but have at least one or two for any task. 

Ulix is a fairly grouped up bubble crew that has some hard counters but he may be the best crew in the game for sheer amount of activations each turn and having other models cause your models in the best position to take actions again. 

Brewmaster is very much a shut down one or two of your opponents key models and slowly dissolve them with poison.  The crew is quite flexible and can usually handle most strats between wither their construct heavy list or their poison heavy list.

Mah wrecks face and has access to some of the most powerful models in the game (Rooster riders and soul stone miners) she is a good beater and the trap markers and her crew's ability to push around when your opponent cheats adds just the right amount of complexity and tricks. 

Sommer is amazing in feel though extremely hard to play. He is a bubble crew that has multiple auras and demise effects in play all the time which can get hard to keep track of. I would just warn that he has a very steep learning curve and a lot more models to buy but I am slowly working on his crew and can't wait to play it with more confidence and knowledge. 


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