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Steward Santiago?

Yore Huckleberry

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I’m curious if people have tried Santiago Ortega in place of the Guild Steward? Out of keyword he’s 9 stones, but he can reposition a figure, end a condition, and provide focus ... plus he brings his own offensive threat.

His focus requires a 7 instead of a 6, and he doesn’t have the 1/2/3 heal. However, he can move models with “Ive got your back,” so conceivably you can move Santiago with the Rider, have Santiago move up a figure, and have him hand out two focuses round one. Then he gets an end of round push and he’s ready to shoot his own stat-6 gun with four triggers ... albeit the family values one is weaker unless you’ve got someone else hired in.

Anyone tried him out of keyword? He seems like a really interesting utility piece.

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Unfortunately he can only move engaged models. But he is a great utility piece in family.

I haven't tried him OOK and I generally prefer challenge over I've got your back, as that can really shut down a piece. Either challenge something and then charge something else in the other direction or challenge something that is already engaged or a utility piece. Guild steward is a great example of something that can't really do anything if it's challenged. 


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Every times I took Santiago, I have been disapointed. I have never found the right place to use him. He seems to be a tough model for family, but upfront he is melt in 1 ou 2 activations. On second line, well... there is no one able to hold front line in family. As flanker, he loses all his support ability and do not have good movement trick during his activation. I will give him another chance on next games.

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He's been doing well for me in family crews but he's not at the level that I'd swap anything out from another crew. 

He barely needs to walk all game and can still put in a couple of markers towards a scheme if your other runners get taken out. His cost makes him able to grant actions to Papa or Nino or he can follow Francisco around to get more ap. I've got your back only requires a four(!) of masks. If someone engages him you can charge in another model and have him use it on them just for more attacks. 😍 People usually don't count on you shooting when engaged either, you can charge into an engagement where you friend is already and use it to shoot at their backlinje. 

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