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How will you beat Pandora in Reckoning?


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4 hours ago, Regelridderen said:

You’re fielding either Lucius or Perdita in :

Flank Deployment 


Take Prisoners

Claim Jump


Harness the Ley Line

Dig their Graves


So how will you go about it, and what is your biggest concern - with either master?

So, with Lucius you have a bit more defense against Assassinate, and the Investigators and False Witnesses give you some tech for Claim Jump and Harness (the False Witness can get movement help from Lucius’s entourage, and order, wind up on the line, and literally score Harness solo via interact and false claim dropping three markers, as long as you have one elsewhere to pick up for false claim before end of round scoring. Investigators have a range where they can move someone away when a token drops ... so if you take claim jump and harness, you could conceivably combine that with the harness trick to move 3 models away. Mind you, I tried this recently and my opponent had take prisoner on my investigator so he never left it alone for claim jump.

Lucius is slightly better counter tech to assassinate ... but Perdita’s major defensiveness is simply outranging her opponents. Mind you, it’s hard to combine that with any of the Schemes ... though reckoning itself she’s good for killing. The issue with her crew is that they aren’t defensive and they’re mostly enforcers (so no stoning for reduction or blocks). That said, they don’t give up points two at a time.

If it were me I’d probably take a Lucius crew with an executioner or two out of keyword and go with claim jump and harness, and then just massively swarm the center.

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This edition perdita has become very very fragile.  They dropped her def and wp by a point, managed to make finger on the trigger less usable, and her trigger is rarely going to land.  They also reduced her range and get ability to defend herself up close.  

Pandora is a crew that thrives off emptying your hand.  She works in a bubble which candy loves.  Perdita needs every card to get the most out of a por El.

I'd go Lucius.  Agent 46 for ruthless.  Rider for ruthless, lawyers for models that are bad to use self loathing on.  

Alan Reid to get cards and to take advantage of staggered gained by agent 46 copying the riders gun. Or maybe a thrall for more ruthless.  Just don't expect him to survive anything from Pandora.

Don't count on take prisoner because people don't spread out in reckoning.  

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For master i would probably go with lucius as lawyers shielded can save you from a lot of ping damage and agent 46 ruthless really can help against his terrifying and manipulative. 

Pale rider is a perfect counter to Candy. With a guaranteed trigger you can take her out with two moderates. 

Guild steward is another model I would consider for condition removal and focus, plus heal to mitigate ping damage. 

Regarding schemes, I would avoid dig as very few pandora models drop markers and you don't have a way to generate three. 

If you take harness be aware that both doppel and poltergeist can easily remove them. Polstergeist is surprisingly mobile so even if you send a witness to the opposite side of his bubble to lay it, he can get there fast. 

I would probably go for assassinate as you want to do something about pandora anyway and with a couple of ruthless models she dies quite fast. 

For my other scheme it would depend on his crew selection. 

Be aware that aversions are very good at securing claim jump thanks to their no resist 3" push. 

LLC times two could be a good idea as woes doesn't have a lot of armour ignoring and do have a lot of forces movement effects. 

Hope this helps

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The above, very careful with Candy because both kind of counter each other; the rider is hard to stun with his Wp 7 and has a guaranteed trigger expending tokens, so if he can keep the distance, he may pressure her. But if Pandora's player put Candy near of the rider, she will disable him (stun) with her aura (Corrupted Inocence) at the start of his activation (so condition removal won't help). A stunned rider cannot use his triggers (so no damage reduction, nor devastation and Candy will have the equivalent of Armor+2 versus him)

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Yes, absolutely take him. Ruthless, Wp7 and Devastation is very good versus Woes. Just be aware that Pandora's crew gives out a lot of stunned and that condition counter riders hard, and also woes will have an easier time than other crews dealing with his conditions (Oportunistic+Eldritch Magic). A stunned rider is fair game for any Non-Wp beater (Teddy, Carver, Kade, Hinamatsu, Hooded...). It's not about not picking him, it's about being aware of how Pandora will try to deal with him.

And even if Candy herself will have a hard time damaging the rider (stat 6 versus Wp7), she may stop him from using Devastation just keeping tabs on him while the rest of the crew do their thing and she helps with self-loathing and glimpse of insanity. The rider will also have a hard time damaging Candy when stunned. Keping him stunned the whole game is almost as good as killing him.

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Honestly if I KNEW I was facing Pandora, I'd tech in both the Pale Rider and the Lone Marshal. Lone Marshal is also ruthless, costs 9+1 out of keyword, and has a stat 7, 14" gun. He also has Run and Gun, which means he threatens Pandora from 21" away if he has the right sight line. Put a focus or two on him with the Guild Steward early on and you're in great shape. All of Pandora's front-line bubbles of woe are meaningless if you're out-ranging her by 15". And fun fact: if you save Pale Rider to use the Charge effect on his pulse instead of the slow/burning one, Lone Marshal can run-and-gun off of that, too. You might have some interesting surprise Claim-Jump options there in the scheme pool you're looking at.

Exorcists are solid models, too, with Ruthless and ignoring Incorporeal and Hard to Wound, albeit at 10" range. Honestly a Lady Justice crew might do better vs Pandora than either Lucius or Perdita, if you have access to Marshals, though if you build into all of their Ruthless models, you'll be vulnerable to Hold Up Their Forces from Pandora's 5-stone incorporeal minions popping through terrain at you.


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