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The Dangers of Underestimating Octoface (diving deep on Coppelius)


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Everyone seems to agree that Coppelius is a piece of overpriced crap. Saying "he's a nice scheme runner w. Agile and MV7", but haven't got much more to add.

I'd say he's a wonderful toolbox, but if you're just using him to run around and dump scheme markers via interact, then you haven't looked long enough on his card.

DEFENSE he is a sad DF5 and a good WP6, but more importantly he is Terrifying11, which is great for draining opponents hands, but doubly so for Dreamer, since failing WP brings in more nightmares – which quickly escalates the situation w. Coppelius. And then he's got a nice Regeneration +1 to top it off. So unless opponent makes an effort, chances are Coppelius will survive – and everyone knows octopus-face is useless, so why bother... Right?

OFFENSE A stat7 min3 melee attack is usually seen as quite good, but for some reason. no-one fears the Octoface and his eye diet. And I wouldn't even say, that this is his best offense, but his best offence comes under Support.

SUPPORT Dreamer's strength lies in minions and numbers, that brings its own weakness, as minions doesn't have much staying power, and struggle offensively vs. Enforcers and Henchmen. Coppelius Unhinge ability mitigates this, as with a Stat6 WP duel, he can deal damage equal to the amount of nightmares with 3" of the target – including himself. Not only that, but this heals 1 damage on the Nightmares and 1 more from their Feed on Fear -ability, AND it will allow you to bring in a buried summon (like an Alp for yet another attack). With the nature of the crew and summons, you should easily be able to get 2-3 nightmares (possible including Coppelius himself) within a model and start dealing damage.

Not only that, but through his Frightening Reminder, he's able to get critical models out of melee, give them a slight push into a better position etc.

DISRUPTION Scheming is very non-neverborn, and much better than running around and dropping markers Coppelius is much better used with his ability Whispered Truths/Shifting Sands a simple Mask5 allowing him to convert every enemy scheme marker within 3" to friendlies – while handling out Slow to everyone, who don't want it. This is where his Mv7 and Agile can come into it's right, as he quickly leave the huddle, dismantle an objective and then return to do his thing. The combination of Mv7 and Unhinge 8" range allows him to cover an area 15" inch from the main fight, while still being able to put his tentacles on things.


So rather than seeing him as an expensive scheme runner, roaming behind enemy lines. Try to see him as a force multiplier like Serena Bowman, taking your Stiched/Madness/Alps to new heights and making then truly annoying. See his Agile more as a get-out-jail-free card, for when he gets himself into a sticky situation, but get into the thick of it, and get some work out of him.



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I like him, he is an interesting piece but it does require some finesse. I don't think he is that good as an scheme runner, for me is a minion support (movement and healing) that can go in when the right moment come and deal a ton of damage, and a good denial piece with Sifting sands. Toolbox suit him.

It's worth to note his damage track hitting the trigger is 3/5/6. That moderate damage is HUGE, I think the only other model in the faction with that moderate damage is Nekima; which again reinforce why I think he shines in minions heavy lists (more lucid dreams, more weak card removed, much more 5 damage hits). However he is also harder to keep alive than other models so you can't just charge in with him.

As you said, he make a nice pair with Serena, her healing may be critical to keem him in the table and to keep minions alive and her placement trigger may set up very very nasty unhinged with enough minions around.

I opened a thread about him a while ago where some discussion happened, I leave here the link:

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I personally love him and use him any chance I get in a dreamer crew. I usually have him square off against schemers and hold smaller areas while still being in range of his other abilities. I find he does tend to die quickly if they flip a lucky severe, but usually I can get him to turn 3 or 4 atleast.  He can also be clutch at denying those last turn schemes. 

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6 hours ago, Regelridderen said:

Everyone seems to agree that Coppelius is a piece of overpriced crap

Who's everyone? I've literally never seen anyone write or say that, ever.

Coppelius is fantastic for all the reasons you stated. He always does work when I bring him and is absolutely a versatile piece that can change roles for whatever situation arises. I think they did a fantastic job on his card for 3E.  Now, he's not taken in every game due to how vast the NIghtmare KW is and how great the Versatiles are in NB but he's never a bad choice either. 


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