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Alternative Spit Hog - Where?


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1 hour ago, Adran said:

Occasionally alternative models that were used in 1 promotion appear in a different promotion.

They are also often seen in mystery boxes and avalible in things like the black Friday sale.


Hope so, especially on this one.   My LGS isn't really "LGS Promotion compatible" (their Point of Sale system is ancient), and this is the only way to get 2 unique Spit Hogs.

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10 hours ago, Adran said:

They are updating the special orders quarterly, so you might need to wait until the new year...

Hmm... I thought they were originally supposed to be monthly (ie, fitting in with their regular schedule). But nope, it says it in the announcement, that it's quarterly.

I'm fine with this. I'm really only plannning on ordering at most, twice a year anyways (shipping costs suuuuuck, and while I know that's not Wyrd's fault, it is still a factor.

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