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[Denmark - Aarhus] AROSCON 23-24th nov.


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AROSCON is the biggest tabletop wargaming event in Denmark, with 300 participants in 10 gamesystems and one paint competition with some of the best painters in Denmark.

Website is in danish.

This year we will be hosting two Malifaux events.

on saturday november the 23th:

Format: GG 00

Fixed faction

50 ss crews, multi master allowed.

fully painted.

4 rounds.

Round time 2,5 h.

20 players (fully booked)

Round 1. - Deployment: Corner, Strategy: Corrupted Idols.
Schemes: Outflank, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Claim Jump, Breakthrough.

Round 2. - Deployment: Flank, Strategy: Plant Explosives.
Schemes: Detonate Charges, Harness the Ley Line, Hold Up Their Forces, Search the Ruins, Assassinate.

Round 3. - Deployment: Wedge, Strategy: Turf Wars.
Schemes: Breakthrough, Assassinate, Vendetta, Deliver a Message, Outflank.

Round 4. - Deployment: Standard, Strategy: Reckoning.
Power Ritual, Detonate Charges, Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Vendetta.


On sunday november the 24th:

We will have a Double Rush tournament (with random teams).

People makes their crews, then i look at the resolut from the tournament the day before, and take the top players pair them with a random'ish player from the lower end, to try and make as fair teams as possible, so we dont end up with a power team.

3 rounds.

100% for fun

20 spots (14 player signed up)

Ticket sells are closed, but if there are 2 players that wants to join, send me a PM.

Tickets pr event is 100 DKK

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