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Fate decks?


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I have the Tarot deck but was looking for some extras for players to use.  I thought I'd get a different style for each deck, that way there's no mixing up cards.  However, it's driving me mad because it seems all the styles of deck that I like (such as the ones from the 2-player M2E Starter Set) are long out of print and the ones I don't like are easy to find.  :)

There are two decks in the store for which I can't find any card images - the Poker Fate Decks (Earth Allegiance and Malifaux Allegiance).  Anyone know what these look like, or have images?

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Correct. They are from The Other Side. That may help with your searches. 


The decks from the starter set were only available there. You might try the Wyrd Trades and off topic group on Facebook for any decks you are looking for that are no longer available. 

Also, there are a few print on demand decks available on wargame vault aka Drivethrurpg. 

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I think the fate deck from the 2-player starter is a lost cause, because of the changed Joker rules.  😕 

Here's a random blog page that has pictures of the Abyssinia fate deck:  https://blog.untilsomebodylosesaneye.net/2019/01/abyssinia-later.html

The other TOS faction fate decks should be similar, just with different models on the cards.

Here's good pictures of the Seriously Twisted deck:  http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2016/12/unboxing-malifaux-seriously-twisted.html


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