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I would recommend Mechanized Infantry as a good fire support unit, and Electrocutioners as a flanking unit with good damage and good mobility. A Rail Gunner or two and at least one Adjunct (Abyssinian Engineer) should also be high on the buying list.

Kassa wants the titan, so if you want the titan, get her, otherwise get the Lord of Steel (or get both, really).

For later purchases, Steel Legion is just al round good, but expensive, Motorcycle is a good mobile schemer, but very fragile, and the Basotho Cav is nice, but not really necessary, imho.

Your wallet decides how far down the list you go :)

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They are in general. The list is more generalists to specialists, less good to bad.

For single commander, you probably only want one more unit to start with, and maybe one or two other as soon as you start experimenting.

For a dual commander game, you need a second commander (obviously) and a lot more stuff, so here you can start to look at what interests you really, try out other commanders and really go down the list (as far as your wallet gets you).

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