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Terrain Spread Advice


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Hi all! Working on upgrading my Bayou board to meet the new 40-50% terrain coverage standards for gaining grounds. 

Curious what kind of distribution between terrain types you all tend to like? 

As an aid this is where I am currently sitting.

So far thinking some Concealing non Dense terrain. And some more small blocking. 

Perhaps a small amount of Hazardous terrain? Posion plants or something?

Curious to hear what you all look for in a balanced board!

20191110_165714 (1).jpg

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My group is trying to figure out this same thing. We have mostly blocking and concealing terrain, and I'm looking into making some severe, dense, and destructible to spice it up. If I add any more blocking it'll be hard for some teams to navigate I think, even though we're only using like 33%

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