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Coming back to the game


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So I used to play Ironsides when I first started playing, but now that I'm coming back I've chosen Ulix because he looks fun.

My build so far is:


-Inferiority Complex



-Twelve Cups of Coffee

Mechanized Porkchop

War Pig

Wild Boar (3)

I'm hoping this is at least an ok list to play with just as a start for me coming back to the game. Tell me what y'all think please.

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Respectfully - I would recommend that you read through the posts on this board to get a better feel for how Ulix operates. Currently you don't have any way what so ever to summon in Piglets to grow into the more powerful pigs - which is very much Ulix's main mechanic. To give you a comparison point I will post my "default" Ulix list:




Old Major

Gracie (with 12 cups of coffee)

The Sow (with 12 cups of coffee)

Hog Whisperer 

Slop Hauler



This is in no way a perfect list and many people will point out how they like to do thing's differently. That being said I have 3 sources for summoned piglets in this list 3 tanky/beaters all 3 of which can eat all scheme markers nearby and gain focus from it and 2 of them shutting down bonus actions. 

Ulix lists are key at spamming actions from models that find themselves in a good place - there are a lot of movement tricks and boosts that the pigs and sooey models give each other and I feel that the list you posted has much less of that. Now that being said - taking stuff because you like it and think it's cool is still fine, and far be it for anyone to tell you that you have to play a certain way and with certain models. 

May I ask though why Mech Pork and McTavish?  

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The porkchop is awesome when using some other masters (like Brewie or Zipp). Not sure what he brings in a Ulix crew.  But yeah hes just straight up a good model.

McTavish looks pretty cool on paper, but he lacks any defensive tech so he usually dies early. He does however get free markers for his Gator snack ability both from killed pigs and the porkchop in the list, and some ranged support in a melee crew is probably a good thing. If only he got to take ranged shots from gator snack like he used to in M2E. I hope they change it back.

I'd say drop the upgrades and add some piglets or something to summon piglets. You will also need a War pig. If you dont have those 3 key pieces you won't be able to use Ulix main game mechanism and he kinda does nothing.

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