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Tara's Box, what next?


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Hello all my fellow hired guns, I've got a few games of 3rd ed under my belt now (mostly playing TT) and I'm loving it. I've decided to return to my first love, Outcasts. In 2nd ed I played a lot of Viks, Schill and a bit of Parker. I'm expanding my outcast collection with Tara. She looks like a lot of fun (once you get your head around her bury mechanic).  I've never played Tara so I'm after some advice. I've picket up her box set but what would you recommend I get to fill out her crew and why? I understand that a crew is very match up  and scheme pool dependant, but I'm after some tips on what has worked for you in order to direct my purchasing. 

Thanks for any help

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Aionus is a lynchpin for his ability to unbury at will. You will need to find a suitable model for void hunters as they are a large source of threat from her summons.

scion is an incredible vendetta choice and I bring him every Tara game. 

talos is optional and very scheme dependent. The most optional model of the keyword tbh. 

From there it’s up to you

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Actually, Tara became a very powerful and versatile master. As psychogeek said,  you will need both Aionus and Scion. Hunters are very useful, but you need to proxy them for a while. Emissary would be useful for the Beast bomb (give Companion to the Nothing Beast, give it Fast, bury, unbury with Aionus and chain activate it) 

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26 minutes ago, Seazan said:

I would not have thought of the Student. Aionus and Scion look really good and agree they make a good general core along with a hunter. On that, are people hiring hunters or summoning them? 

If I don't bring Talos and the scheme pool has something that forces me to get quickly to places, I hired one with Servant of Dark Powers. Free 6" move in the first turn, +1 to terrifying and heal when he kills someone. It becomes pricey, but great mobility thanks to that extra 6" and incorporeal.

I usually don't bring the Scion of the Void unless I'm facing crews that have work with conditions, but that's personal (I don't like her that much). I really like the Emissary, the model and all the utility that he brings.

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