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How Tanky is Basse?

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So, Basse has some really interesting defensive triggers, but do they add up to real tankyness?

Defense: 6: Above average
WP: 5: Average
Favorable Terrain: Cover (+1 DF and -flip to damage w/in Severe Terrain or within 1" of impassable) Synergizes with all the Dust Markers, which also provide Concealing (-flip to :ToS-Range: duels).
Hard to Kill: Good Tech; synergizes with crew healing
DF (:ToS-Crow:) : Tangled in the Briars: Pushes him 2" away from an attacker (stops a double-charge), and if the attacking model was within 2" of severe terrain, ends its activation. Good vs melee beaters.

So vs Ranged, in a Dust Cloud, he gets Cover and Concealment: DF 7 and a -flip to attacker duel and damage
and vs Melee, in a Dust Cloud, he can push out and likely only take one attack per activation, with a slowing effect vs his opponent.

If he DOES get whittled down, you should have a chance to heal him up over Hard to Wound.

Are people finding success playing him on the front lines with all this?


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