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Malifaux Misc.


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I have various Items for Sale or Trade. I will list a price next to items, but everything is also for trade. I will provide bases for those models pictured without them.

From Pennsylvania

Shipping is 4-7 dollars

3 x Ten Thunders Brothers – two assembled, one with sickles is not- $14

1 x Sun Quiang – Assembled - $8

2 x Terracotta Warriors – assembled - $10

2 x Onryo - Primed $8 no cards

3 x Fire Gamin 2 primed 1 unassembled $10 no cards

4 x Corrupted Hounds - NoS - $12

1 x The Sow - NoS - $12

1 x Urami Keyword M3e Cards $6

1 x Oni Keyword M3e Cards $6

1 x Obliteration Keyword M3e Cards $6
1 x Ancestor & Retainer Keyword M3e Cards $6

Will have pictures later if needed...


I am looking for:

1 x Euripides Core Box Set

1 x The Howling Boxset

Serena Bowman




Mancah Roja

Wrastlers - 2-3 models

Merris LaCroix

Flying Piglets

Sammy Lacroix

Gautreaux Bokor 1 -2 models or the whole box

Swined Curse 1-2 Models

Akaname 2-3 models

Tanuki 2-3 models

Bayou Gremlins

Alt Rafkin

Alt Rogue Necromancy

Carrion Emissary


Benny Wolcomb

one of the Cats from the Curiosity Killed the Cat boxset

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