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Alternate game modes


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So, with the release of Gaining Grounds we've got a properly official set of 4 game modes.

Do we think we're likely to see them as setups on the App?

We already have Standard and Henchman Hardcore obviously, but it feels like the app is sadly ill-equipped right now to set up both Double-Rush and All-Out-Brawl.


I think currently the fact that the app is set up to accomodate 1v1 is likely the main reason why they aren't on there (and maybe never will be, it's a pretty large jump in the capabilities of the app) but it could be nice to have a lot more options in the setup of custom game presets. Things like the soulstone number of a game, or number of Masters, or custom scheme and strategy pools (so you can randomise them, but from a smaller selection than the standard) would potentially go a long way. especially with all the variant rules now in the Gaining Grounds Documents.


I appreciate it's tehcnically possible to make at least a Double Rush game setup in a standard game mode (which is how we've been doing it in my play group, love the game mode by the way) but it would be awesome to eventually have the capability to set this game up proper in the app.

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With all the options in gaining grounds, it would be useful if you could make custom game modes and assign them to a crew on creation.

Might also be useful to have a way to check which modes an existing crew is valid for too (could be done from the copy crew dialogue).

And finally, being able to sort your crew list by game type would be awesome! (I currently have a load of 50ss, henchman 35ss lists and a hard core list.)

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Had a wonderful local event this past weekend where we used the Too Many Secrets variant to great success and fun! I personally may like it more than the standard play set up, and most of the others here like it just as well.

The one thing missing is the ability to use the App to play it, which is not currently possible, due to the number of schemes generated (7), chosen (4), and *how* they are chosen (pick 2 schemes to score the first point, 2 different schemes to score the 2nd point).

So, Wyrd, it would be absolutely wondrous if the app had the ability to accommodate all the variants listed in GG0 (a spot for keywords for Bans, etc) as this would further your ability to use the data gathered internally, as well as for us players to use the app for every game we play, no matter the variant. Thanks for your time.

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