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2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - November

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Wow everyone, I am speechless at the rotten harvest entries here. Incredible work.

@Caedrus I am taking my second Mulligan this month. It’s been a rough month physically and I’m having abdominal surgery in a couple of weeks so I’m not sure whether December is going to work out either. Crossing fingers though!

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Caedrus, reporting in with a very late WIP!

Having met my commitment for the month, I had some fun yesterday with the airbrush. Well, not so much fun, more like "Wow, I certainly screwed up that model, I better paint something fun to make up for it". I had two models in my "need airbrushing" pile, and they were an Envy, and a Lord Chompy Bits. This is where I got up to!


Chompy was taken waaaay too far in highlighting, and got brought back quite a bit in the third stage.


My quest to find a good NMM brass technique continues. This is pre-outlining, and pre-ink. This was another of my rescue-miniatures. The gaps are making me sad.

Show me what you got, fellow painters!


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Hi everybody!

The Thanksgiving break gave me time to finish my November pledge.




I did not end up basing my Rabble Risers as I am slowly experimenting with balsa wood to make wood slat bases for a ship theme.




This was my first time trying a water base.  The ripples did not work out, but I like the rocks and the clear blue water.

I also painted some Warcry terrain, which has been a huge hit at my school's board game club.  It works very well with Malifaux.


@Caedrus my total for the month is 46 plus I'll say 14 for the terrain = 60 total.  Thank you!



This guy has been visiting my ranch, and my father and I have dubbed him Old Major 🐷🙂.

See y'all in December.

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Been painting a lot for my boyfriend for xmas this month, but since he's on the forem I can't post those till December.  Also since I'm not sure how the rotten models factor into monthly allowances I quickly finished a kaeris while he was doing his Xmas swap paintjob.


@Caedrus Along with the Carver that's 25 for me this month.

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@Caedrus  So here's what i managed to finish for November;



10x Witchlings (proxied as South Wales Borderers for my TOS Guild Company) and Sammy LaCroix for 57SS total.

I'm annoyed that i didn't finish the damn First Mate, but he'll at least be done for December. Hopefully. 

Finally, just a reminder that i painted 54SS for October!


EDIT: Oh damn, i almost forgot these;


A few Christmas-y Barricades to spruce up my table. ;) Area is equivalent to 10x 50mm bases, so 50SS.

So that brings me to 107SS for November, and 54SS for October. 

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I realized Warcry scenics are quite popular here.

@Stranglelove, good job with your Warcry scenics. Bricks are very realistic and add colour to the palette you used. I like your choice but I'm too much  lazy to go after a lot of details.

@lusciousmccabe, the reddish palette you choosed is very original. I'm waiting to see the main components. Rightmost scenic in your pic was not in Warcry starter box: are you going after Warcry scenic expansions, too?

Of topic: Old Major's Vacanze Romane.


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Hey there! Here are my models for November:

* Peacekeeper: 10 SS

IMG-20191029-232329.jpg IMG-20191029-232319.jpg

* Jonathan Reichart: 10 SS 

IMG-20191029-232433.jpg IMG-20191029-232440.jpg


* Mounted patrol: 8 SS

IMG-20191201-182941.jpg  IMG-20191201-182956.jpg IMG-20191201-183005.jpg

* Riotbreaker: 7 SS 

IMG-20191029-232501.jpg IMG-20191029-232509.jpgIMG-20191029-232452.jpg

* Exorcist: 6 SS 


* Austringer: 6 SS  Taggart Queeg: 8 SS. It was supposed to be the Austringer, but Mr. Queeg jumped the line.


* Frontiersman: 5 SS 

IMG-20191029-232407.jpg IMG-20191029-232416.jpg

* Guard Patrols: 2 x 4SS 

IMG-20191201-183045.jpg IMG-20191201-183114.jpg



In total, 62 SS @Caedrus!


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