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2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - November


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November is here!?!

This is the thread for the November 2019 Monthly Painting Challenge. I’m Caedrus, and I’ll be your host for 2019. November's birthstone is the yellow topaz. Time to paint something yellow ... one of my worst colours. November is also, well, Movember. Perhaps there's a Wyrd model desperately in need of a moustache? Queeg, I'm looking at you!

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the Wyrd Painting Competition. If you've entered, don't forget to update your October pledge, and always remember an "@Caedrus"!

The link to the painter spreadsheet is here, and I'll continue updating soon!

The 2019 Wyrd Monthly Painting Challenge is all about:

  1. Having fun painting!
  2. Motivating yourself, and encouraging others.
  3. Being part of a great, friendly community.
  4. Giving and receiving constructive advice. And, finally:
  5. Getting some pigment onto plastic!

This is not a competition in any way.

The pledge categories are the following:

  • Minion: you paint at least 1 soulstone worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Enforcer: you paint at least 6 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Henchman: you paint at least 11 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Master: you paint at least 16 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Tyrant: you paint at least 31 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month

The rules:

  • The challenge started on January 1st, 2019. 
  • Models count for the month in which you finish them. You can finish painting a model that you started before the beginning of the month.
  • Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge. This is using a mulligan.
  • You can choose to go down a pledge level during the year, but you cannot move up.
  • A model is considered painted if it is (1) based (even glued onto a black base counts); (2) tournament legal. That means that if it's a translucent, based model, it counts automatically. If it is any opaque material, then the standard is: Every part of the miniature painted, and three colours minimum.

Miniature Values:


  • Almost all models count as their Soulstone value; but
  • Masters count for 15 soulstones.
  • Zero cost models count for 5 soulstones.
  • Proxies (constructed from Wyrd models) count for their proxy value.

The Other Side

  • Titans count for 25 soulstones.
  • Commanders count for 15 soulstones.
  • Adjunct models count for 5 soulstones.


  • A 30mm base model is worth 5 soulstones.
  • A 40mm base model is worth 7 soulstones.
  • A 50mm base model is worth 10 soulstones.


  • Terrain is worth 5SS per 50mm base in area.
  • Custom tokens are worth 5SS per 50mm base in area.
  • A terrain board is worth 100 Soulstones.

We're now using the Malifaux 3rd Edition values!

How to upload images?

  1. Go to imgur.com, and create an account.
  2. Click on your account, click on 'images', and then 'add images'.
  3. Click on your uploaded image. You'll see a whole bunch of link options.
  4. Click on the 'copy' button next to 'direct link'.
  5. Go to your Wyrd Forum thread.
  6. Paste (CTRL-V) at the appropriate spot.
  7. The image should appear, resized appropriately to the page.

My very best for November!


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2020 is just around the corner!

Folks, I've had an absolute blast in this year's Challenge. We've seen M3E hit, some of our painters commissioned by Wyrd, and others winning painting competitions. Most of all, I've had a lot of fun, and learned so much from all of you.

This is as good a place as any to discuss how the Challenge should look for next year, and to see if someone wants to take over the role of co-ordinating the Challenge. For my part, if someone is keen to take over the role, then it's all yours, and I'm happy to help out and participate however I can. On the other hand, if people have been happy with my work, I can be convinced to do it for another year. I'm happy, either way 😊.

I'll chime in with my thoughts in a little while, but for the moment, I thought I'd let everyone else give their input! What do you like? What do you love? What do you hate? How can we make this even better for 2020?


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I've been happy with how the challenge has been running so far. Caedrus for second term!:P I don't volunteer. I've got a few (however minor) hobby related responsibilities already and I'm fine not adding any more (however minor) on top of it. 

I like this as it's been so far. Rather low intensity pat to the back to keep Wyrding. For someone like me who already has most of what they need painted, it'd be hard to do more than a mini per month consistently for a year. Without the challenge I would've painted less Wyrd overall this year (34% of painted figs in 2019 so far), but more importantly  I might not've snapped out of my recent burnout without this deadline looming. I've already finished 7 minis in less than a week because I got the ball rolling:D

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What Nikodemus said. :)

I didn't know some of our folks got Wyrd commissions - that's awesome! Who were they?

Oh, and I pledge another gender-swapped Midnight Stalker proxy that's a better fit with my Viks. The one I did earlier this year was fun, but it's too weird and sci-fi on the board with the rest of the crew. I'm basing it on a 1E Mannequin with a head from the TTB multipart kit and hands from the original Stalker. It's an almost identical pose to the regular version. Won't be able to play it in GG tourneys but I'm not much of a tourney guy anyway. I'll edit this post once I get a picture of it.

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My score for the year so far is 425 so for the last 2 months of this year I'm gonna challenge myself to get to 500! so thats 75 stones for November and December :) 

November Pledge - Von Schtook (15) Research Assistant (2) Dead Rider (11) 3x Gaki (12)

for a total of 40 Stones

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Well this has been a pretty god year so far.  Pretty decent result in previous months with a solid batch of minis every month. As mentioned, I had the pleasure of painting two crews as commission or Wyrd and both were showcased during Gencon;

VonSchtook: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/08/professor-and-his-students.html

Dreamer: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/07/bad-dreams.html

For this onth I lan to paint one more M3E crew: Basse and his frontier folks. Really nice minis, great lever of detail. I'm not too keen on the big Executioner dude but we'll see how it oes when I start painting.


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Bit of a copout this month. Pledging metal Samael Hopkins, however many stones he is. I'll check when he's done :)


Going to do a fairly simple paintjob. Wanted to do something a bit more involved with Marcus or Barbaros, but something else came up that I want to prioritise this month (still painting related, but alas not Wyrd). But maybe I can spice this up a little bit. Some quick tabletop "nmm" maybe? Could be fun to try that out. Maybe even throw in some yellow for topaz month. We'll see.

Bit under 200ss myself for this years total. Will break that by the end of 2019. No lofty goals beyond that. I signed up for 1ss/month level for a reason:D

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I concur with enjoying how you've been running things, @Caedrus, it's been a great year!

For my November, I'm pledging a bit of a mix: a few Wicked Dolls to work on the masked Hyrulrian Neverborn, Iggy, the Student of Conflict for my Viks, and a Thunder Archer, Sniper, and Ototo to add to my Team RWBY Misaki crew.


And a first WIP for Ototo/Nora's hammer. Remind me to never scratch build detailed weapons again.


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Hi there!

Definitely @Caedrus has my vote for a second term! 

Now for my November pledge and still rushing to have every possible model for the UK Nationals available I'll still focus on the Guild. These are my models for this month:

* Peacekeeper: 10 SS (because he's very cool!)

* Jonathan Reichart: 10 SS (one of the two missing models from my Basse's crew)

* Mounted patrol: 8 SS (I'm not sure this model will make the cut to the UK nationals, but it's quite cool)

* Riotbreaker: 7 SS (same reason as the Peacekeeper!)

* Exorcist: 6 SS (just to have one of every possible model!)

* Austringer: 6 SS (same as the exorcist)

* Frontiersman: 5 SS (aaaaaaand the last model from Basse's crew)

* Guard Patrols: 2 x 4SS (well, they look cool)

For a total of 60 SS.

I've already started since it was a bank holiday on the 1st of November, and with the help of the airbrush I've done massive progress on both robots so hopefully I'll be able to post pictures on Wednesday.

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On 11/6/2019 at 1:20 PM, Wintergloom said:

Dead Rider is finished, wasn't happy with the colours initially but its grown on me 



I really love the colour scheme, and the paintjob as a whole. Think what throws the eye off initially is the amount of turquoise on the base. Kind of draws your attention down from the rider rather than up towards him.

Took me a while to notice from the photos but that face is phenomenal. Also really like the touches of turquoise on the horse's legs and the bottom of the tail . 

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17 hours ago, Nikodemus said:

Incorporated the yellow poorly but I've grown to like the raincoat look:PSlapped some paint on, jammed to some metal tunes, good time was had.

This, truly is what it's all about.

Also, wouldn't say the yellow is done badly. Might be a bit of an odd fashion choice from Samael, but he can do what he likes. Lighting and texture-wise it's perfectly in line with the rest of the cloth.

15 hours ago, Viruk said:

Quick WIP shot, still plenty of detailing to be done but the overall feel is there. I've got to admit - M3E faces look really good

They certainly do when you paint them my friend!

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