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Does anyone have opinions about resurrecting (hehe) old threads? When talking about say my new Dr McMourning models, I'm torn between starting new threads and resurrecting old ones.

I kind of like the idea of resurrecting old ones to keep lots of content in one place. Plus it is thematically appropriate since we're resurrectionists ;)


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Depends- if it builds on the previous content then go for it. It it starts fresh and is a more systematic analysis of Doc’s keyword and discussion do a new one and I will link it. 

one of these days I will get around to doing something more comprehensive with Doc. I have used Experimental as a keyword and Dr. Dufresne as a second master in several games though not as much as my other masters. I have used her in a tournament as well. Haven’t solo’d her or anything but though she has bad matches (Brewie) I think she has legs for most pools depending on deployment zone. 

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Generally the convention I've seen from other forums is to start a new thread and make a link to the old one, assuming a significant amount of time or a logical conclusion to the previous.

While it's nice to keep content together, your less likely to get new people join in with a 10 page thread started two years ago than you are a single page started today.

Having said that, there are exceptions, plogs being the most obvious (if you've just painted something for the first time in a year, you go resurrect that thread!).

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4 minutes ago, Graf said:

I dislike self-promoting but since nobody else did it until now... I think my Transmortis guide is worth putting on the list. 

Totally agree! However I think this thread is no longer operational (I haven't seen OP appear on the forums since Covid started).

So your link there will have to suffice, maybe.

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