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Saturday Night Meal at the UK Nationals


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It’s at “The Spice Club” 

58 Nottingham Street

LE13 1NW



Dear All,

If you wish to join us for an Indian Meal on the Saturday night at the Nationals please register your interest below so I can get some idea of numbers. 

Please can you provide your full name.

Luke & Dave

OK we have a private room booked for 8.30pm at The Spice Club almost opposite the Premier Inn. At the moment it is booked for 25 -30 people so it is a first come first served based on people in this post. 

Thanks guys


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10 hours ago, BigHammer said:

Dave L (me), Lewis P (the champ), Cole W and Callum P as well from the Scottish contingent. The rest are still deciding atm and are big enough adults that they can respond for themselves :)

I thought all the adults are on this list, are you sure the rest of them will be ok ?

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I think that’s it peoples, we have filled the restaurant .

They have the menu on line if you want to look, they also do a fixed Menu thing called the banquet. 

Ive booked for 8.30pm to allow people to get out of the venue and hopefully book into hotels. If you arrive early they have a small bar area.

Cant think of anything else but if you have any questions let me know.


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