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Help with the burningman!


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Evening all. 


Playing otherside but finding burning man so difficult to play against with 2 commanders. 


So they deploy their portals along the edge of my deployment zone so I deploy to the rear which allows me to destroy units as they come through but it means his spec ops people steal VPs. I deploy forward to contest points and he teleports through portals and destroys me in combat 😂 help? 


Ive got the starter set plus the steel legion the electrocutioners, cavalry, lord of steel 



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7 minutes ago, Sweet Tooth said:

I’m pretty new to the game myself but my initial thought is to sit your units over the portal markers so they can’t be used by the opponent. That would prevent them from coming in on you turn 1 at least. 


Yer good shout I’ve tried this but maybe not focused it enough? Someone always seems to great mulched as the portals are always close enough to allow the large bases (looking at the hydra thing 😂) to get me. Ether that or he blows me up with breechlings.... 😂😭

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