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Who works best w Barbaros?


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Really liked this guy in M2E, and I'm just now getting back into the game w 3rd edition.  Saw he is now in Outcasts and can't work w Nekima.  Thats sad as I like and play her.  

Which masters or other models does he synergize best with in Outcasts?  Other factions?  I'm a Viks/Misaki/Kirai fan, so I'm hoping he fits with at least one of them nicely.  Any help, suggestions, or experiences would be appreciated.  

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He might be good with Hamelin - Bring It! and Shove Aside could be helpful for getting enemy models into those overlapping auras. Then again, it's definitely a crew that wants all its synergy so...

You can always pick him as your leader and have a whole crew of Nephilim which might throw somebody for a loop after you declared Outcasts. 

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As he only has the Nephilim Keyword he would only be able to be hired by a master that is either Outcast or a has the Nephilim keyword, and he cannot be hired by Nekima.
I think Hamelin is the only Outcast master that lacks an in keyword beat stick, the viks are a whirlwind, Von Schill has hannah, himself and the strong arm, Parker is a gunline, Zipp isn't concerned with killing things, Levi, Jack and Tara all have their own stuff in keyword that works better.

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I would say. 

Mercenary crew is mostly a close combat one, they really hard their own brawlers, so they really don't need Barbaros, but they really don't have many shenanigans and you could perfectly add Barbaros to the list and it would not suffer for it. He's a bit tougher than any other mercenary, and the "Challenge" can help other models.


Same with Freikorps. The only thing that Barbaros would not enjoy would be "Shouting Orders" and he could be not be attached with upgrades, but Freikorps shooters would indeed enjoy a tough model with challenge.

Bandits would benefit from Barbaros the same than Freikorps. He would not be  dropping enemy scheme markers, but he also would not be discarding them, and Barbaros could help a lot attracting enemy beaters and keeping safe the more squishy Bandits.

Plague indeed lacks brawlers, but they really don't need them. Could be funny having a pair of rats and Barbaros near an enemy and doing two "Pustulent Tumours", triggering twice "Black Blood" nearthe enemy (6 damage and 2 blight easy).

I would not hire Barbaros in any other Outcast crew, I think they depend more on intern shenanigans (although I think the same about Plague, anyways. 

The most useful option I think that is go for a Nephilim crew with Barbaros as leader. Few people is gonna be ready for this.

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Thanks a ton.  A lot of really thought-provoking insight to consider.  Not a fan of Plague Hamelin lists, but pairing him w some sniper types to help protect them might be worthwhile (Hans or others).  

Since I also run Nekima and have Nephilim models a plenty, I may try him in a nephilim only list.  What would you pair him up with as far as Nephilim?  Any and all black blood models?  Anything in particular a must-have to complement his strengths or shore up his wealnesses?

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After becoming frustrated with a few of the mercenary models I used Barbaros in a Vicks list in a recent tourney and he pulled his weight.  I had SoDP on him so he didn't get left behind first turn and would get the heals if he killed something.  Not sure I would use it again, but would definitely run him again with that crew.

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