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McCabe's new story


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So, not that surprisingly McCabe got a whole story for himself in the new TT book. If you want to avoid spoilers at any cost, you should probably stop reading right now, but I will avoid spoiling plot of the story itself.

That being said, I will tell that the story introduces new details about the Explorers society. I would also like to discuss them with you people. To avoid spoiling anything to anyone who doesn't want it, I would however ask you that you format the most spoilerific stuff as quotes or code or include some inane rambling at the beginning of your posts, so that the spoilers don't show on the new messages list.

So, what did you think of the story? What do you think of explorer's society now that it has been fleshed out a bit more? Do you think any of the new characters we met will be masters in the faction? Jessie definitely seems like she is going to be a character in the game, right?

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I've got to wait two weeks before I get the Ten Thunders book.  :(

Just because I don't think it's actually explained anywhere how to do spoiler tags, it's just

[ Spoiler ]This is s a spoiler[/ spoiler ]

without the spaces.  If you're not sure you got it right, the preview option will show it as a block of text without the "Reveal hidden contents" that you'll see in the actual post.


McCabe shot the lone gunman!

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Well, my copy of the Ten Thunders book arrived today.


I think it's likely that J's either a henchman (dual keyword) or master.

I don't know about LvC, and G's paragraphs at the end...  Wyrd just reshuffled everything so that every faction had eight masters with Basse and McCabe dual faction.

It's possible LvC's a master, but it'd be even less telegraphing than Leveticus on the train. 

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I suspect Jessie will become either a master or a henchman as well. It seems to me like Ludvig and Gretchen are important players in the MES but I think they are there to add flavor to the mystique of the society - not sure how they would play on the table top, although with the reveal at the end, Gretchen might make an interesting cross-faction character. 

I liked the opening of the story and the joke about Lady J. Jessie was first introduced years ago in a Chronicles short story called "Boozed in the Bayou" by the same author (it's about a drunken silurid who saves the day from a few pesky Gremlins that build a whisky golem). The encounter is actually mentioned in the McCabe piece as well, although her names seems to have changed from "Jesse" to "Jessie." Would be exciting to see her represented on the table top.

Anybody have interesting theories about who Gretchen really is? 

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