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Want to get into TTB

Otherside casualty

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Our group play malifuax and love the world.

We play D and D and want to try TTB to change it up from high fantasy. Can any one tell me what we need to get started please. 

I was looking at some of the book and was wondering when the last edition was released and if a new one is on the way anytime soon? 

 Thank you 

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The original two rulebooks were the Fated Almanac and the Fatemaster's Almanac.  Both soft cover books.  (The product line was launched on Kickstarter, there was a limited amount of a combined hard cover book printed.  It looks like this:  https://www.nobleknight.com/P/2147675676/Through-the-Breach---Deluxe-Edition-Kickstarter-Exclusive  It has a description on the back saying that it contains both Almanac.)

Those two books are replaced by a single book, Through The Breach, Core Rules (2nd Edition).  This is a hard cover.  It looks like this:


All of the supplements that were published before the new rulebook are still valid.  There's even a note on the back of the 2nd edition book:


This second edition rulebook has been designed to be backwards compatible with all first edition Through the Breach supplements and adventures.

Looking at the errata, I think the count is 10 for the number of places across all of the supplements where they note that the core rulebook has the more recent version of a rule or item.


  • Don't buy the Almanacs
  • Buy the Core Rules
  • All of the supplements and adventures will be fine
  • If you see a "Fatemaster's Kit", ask yourself how much you want to pay for 1st edition character sheets when there are better revised versions you can print yourself.


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