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Kaeris Vs Nekima help


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Hey guys, new to Arcanists and needing help! Runnin Kaeris tonight against Nekima and thats my pool. No idea what to run tbh and the matchup does worry me a little. What do you guys think the best scheme picks are for Kaeris are in this pool and how should I approach the game? That is a rough crew idea as well! (I dont have Iggy)Cheers all! 

New Kaeris Crew (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Kaeris Totem(s): Eternal Flame Hires: Carlos Vasquez The Firestarter Elijah Borgmann Soulstone Cache Fire Golem Fire Gamin Fire Gamin 2


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My first viewing of this is you want to try and make the fights happen on your terms. Try and drop pyres on the idol spots,  so the Nephlim that interact catch fire and gain injured as well. Likewise if you can, when you move the idols, try and leave them in a pyre marker.


Deliver a message is tough against Nekima. Its an easy 1 point but its a hard to get second point.

Detonate Charges is a possibility. OOK union miners for the file false claim makes this a much easier scheme to score.

Claim jump is a bit of a gamble, the game might have a lot going on near the center, you just won't know until the cards flip.

Vendetta is certainly possible, but you can't really decide on that until you see the lists

Dig their graves is not easy. You are probably wanting to deny the nephlim access to corpse markers, (probably with the burn it all trigger), making it harder to score.


Looking at that, the easy 1 point from nekima for Deliver might well be worth it,  and then kill her rather than score the second point.




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Aware I answered in Facebook chat as well but whatever.

I'm not sure Corner Idols is really Kaeris' game TBH.   That said I'd want Amina in my list.  Top of my head I'd try this;

  • Kaeris, cache 2,
  • Eternal Flame, 
  • Amina (11),
  • Carlos (8),
  • Fire Golem (10),
  • Soulstone Miner (6) + Magical Training (2),
  • Fire Gamin (4), 
  • Coryphee / Wind Gamin  to taste (7)

Amina's aura is a huge pain for Nekima's, plus Obey is great in the strategy, and making soulstones should be easy enough.

As @Adran says schemes are awkward for you both.  I'd go for Deliver and Vendetta here.

If you're more model limited what you have above it fine, although I'd look to get magical training on a gamin somewhere.

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Cheers both. Ha I know you did @mythicFOX just wanted to ask in as many places as I could :D My only issue with out of keyword picks is a lack of Arcanist minis at the moment because of the Guild being my main faction. Sort of stuck with just using Augmented and Wildfire until I have my Chimera minis built. My only versatile pick at the moment thats in my case is just the Souls Stone miners so its a bit of a pain.  Having listened to your deep dive @mythicFOX are you still not really a fan of the Firestarter? I was planning on using him to kill little minis like tots, hounds and young nephs!

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When you're playing from a limited pool there's certainly nothing wrong with using him.   From a competitive efficiency standpoint my current take is this;

I like him for Dig and Turf War because you can count burning kills as your own.  His push to friendlies is quite useful as well, especially with the tome scheme marker trigger.  If you aren't leveraging those effects though he's pretty much worse then a Wind Gamin or Coryphee for the same money.


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