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M3E Tournament “Turn That ‘Faux Up!”, at the Dragon’s Hoard in Hackettstown, New Jersey


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The Dragon’s Hoard, located in scenic Hackettstown, NJ,  is proud to sponsor its 2nd Malifaux 3rd Edition Tournament, “Turn that  ‘Faux Up!”, which will be held:

Sunday, the 10th of November 2019. We will begin signups at 11:30am, with games starting at Noon. The tournament will have a $10 entry fee.

The tournament will be 3, 2 hr and 30 min rounds, single Faction, with Strategy and Scheme pools announced at the beginning of each round. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me; Lamont or speak to Craig, the store owner.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Dragon’s Hoard

199 Main St
Hackettstown, NJ  07840
United States


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56 minutes ago, mattbird said:

Can players use Dead Man's Hand? My club mate only has Nicodem painted...

That’s fine. This tournament is about getting games in and growing the community. If he has a crew that’s not finished, but he’d like to try out and it’s ok with his opponent, that would be fine by me.

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