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How to describe TtB to complete strangers


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I was wondering how Fatemasters and players alike describe Through the Breach to people who play RPGs but haven't heard of either Malifaux or Wyrd. I'm trying my best to get interest stirred up at my local store but my elevator pitch needs work. Other RPGs seem a lot easier to sum up to prospective players, for example:

D&D: it's D&D...

Blades in the Dark: You're a group of criminals who perform heists in order to establish themselves one-day as the kingpins of a haunted city against other criminal organizations.

Feng Shui 2: You're a bunch of action movie archetypes who use movie logic to solve their problems, typically in the most over-the-top, wild and extreme way possible.

But then I reach Through the Breach and I stumble:

"You play as entities known as the Fated who can cheat their own fate. They travel into Malifaux... oh Malifaux is both the world and the name of the city... by means of a breach.. okay so in the late 1700s... closed for a hundred years... soulstones magic yadda yadda... big train... guild... it uses cards and... oh you have to be somewhere else, no problem, thanks for your time."

How would I succinctly describe this game in a snappy interesting way to get new and experienced players alike curious and interested in playing?

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It’s a game set in an alternate universe around 1914-ish, on an alternate world called Malifaux. This strange world has unknowable magical properties and humanity has slowly colonized it, sending resources back home to earth to establish more control over the Earth.

You play as a Fated, an individual who was given a slight glimpse into their own future and can make decisions to actively change their fate, represented by changing the very cards they flip with one of their own.

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When you're pitching D&D to someone, you don't talk about dice or combat rounds.  So why mention cards when talking TTB?

The short pitch:

It's based on an alternate Earth, a blend of gothic, steampunk, horror and wild west themes.

The year is 190x.  Magic is real, and like everything else mankind has fought wars, and invaded another world, to save it, to have it, and to control it.

If you could finally get everything you wanted, everything you think you deserve, wouldn't you try to cheat fate to get it?

The longer pitch:

In 1787, magic was fading from the world.  A secret gathering of wizards, witches, sorcerers and the rest gathered together in order to try to save their powers.  Seeking a world where magic was still strong, their ritual opened a portal, the breach, from our world to another world, Malifaux.  The survivors rejoiced, for they had new hope for that world and ours.  In 1897, the breach closed and the Black Powder Wars began as people fought over the scraps they had left.

1897, the breach reopened.  Much has changed, but humanity once again pushes across to the other world.

It's 190x.  You know the hand that fate has dealt you, and you've been given the chance to do something about it.


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