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Praise the 3E sculpts!


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Owning Youko box and having watched several unboxing videos, I have to say I REALLY like the newer sculpts. Some people are criticizing them about static poses, but I feel some of the older sculpts were a bit too dynamic. I think the new ones offer more creative space for the painter.. in comparison many earlier sculpts dictated how you need to paint. Not as bad as the case with some current xmas tree GW models, but still a bit :D

I have never considered starting Guild, but seeing that new LadyJ unboxed might just change my mind. The only M3E box not for me might be the dreamer, as it looks a bit comical somehow. Alps are very nice though.

What do you guys think? 

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I like the Schtook box. Yes, they are static. But at least they present their details well. Some of the cuts are also clever placed.

Really dislike the Necropunk with the mechanical attachments though. It looks cool but there is really no point for them being so thin when the model is made of plastic. They break as soon as you look at them a bit wrong.

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I've worked with four sets from M3E (Dreamer, VonSchtook, Basse, Marcus). Overall, I'd say the quality is a slight improvement in terms of level of detail. This is particularly noticeable on the faces that have much more expression (Basse's crew really shines there). And while some may be a tad static, I'd say the overall feeling is that they appear quite imposing too :) 

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I assembled the Youko, Basse, Lady J , Som'er Teeth and Marcus core, as well as Loyalty to coins and One born every minutes extensions, so far. I also have Von Schtook, Viktorias, Colette and Euripides still in boxes. I noted an increase in definition of details, an increase of parts numbers per model, a far better design for assembly with most of the time proper keyholes. Mold lines are slightly less visible and quite easy to remove compared to the old 2E.

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