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What should I get for my board?

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Answering purely in terms of visual appeal. First, I would start to upgrade the existing ones. For example, the blue/grey house looks very plain compared to e.g. the house with the red roof. I recently found a YT channel, Black Magic Craft, he has some tutorials for quite cheap and easy builds you can utilize for that.

For new terrain pieces... A bit more nature maybe? A creek and one or two bridges. More trees (esp. a hanging tree!), bushes and hedges. A fenced backyard/garden. Maybe even a graveyard and chapel? If you want to build something big you could create a harbour. Train tracks and a station. Hills or other flat but raised platforms. A roofed stone well. 

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More smaller scatter pieces that can be used to block movement and create more choices for models. Small walls, hegdes, crates and barrels, etc. It looks like you are using some clear plastic as fog banks, so those are great. It looks like you have a good number of buildings, but several are on the outskirts of the table, making them less meaningful to the game. 

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One thing to do is go through the terrain section of the rulebook and make sure you have some of every type (concealing and severe seem particularly lacking).

Personally I love small forests to hide in. Hills are also fantastic for breaking up the table, especially if parts of them are height two. To match your table, perhaps a raised community square?

Could also do a graveyard or something in a corner for some narrow corridors, perfect for a turf war marker.

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If you are in the UK, TTCombat has a lot of good terrain:



Additionally you can try for some Wyrdscapes:

Terrain types you are lacking in:

  • Forests - Good source of Line of Sight blocking. I suggest at least two small blobs with removable trees. Also acts as severe terrain see below.
  • Severe - Good source for slowing down opponents.

Check page 38 and 39 of the free PDF. It lists all the terrain features that Wyrd expects. Such as:

  • Barded Wire
  • Bridges
  • Buildings (Flat and Steep)
  • Buildings (Advanced)
  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Fog Banks
  • Hills
  • Obstacles (i.e. crates, scatter terrain, etc...)(
  • Staircase
  • Water
  • Woods
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