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Running Mei Feng into Von Schtook


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I've been talking to one of our local Resser players, and he has a theory that Von Schtook is a hard counter to Mei Feng. With Von Schtook, Anna Lovelace, Undergratuates, and (especially) the Valedictorian all able to turn Scrap Markers into their Scheme Markers (and get card draw into the bargain), I wonder if he may be right.

Anyone here have experience with, or suggestions for, this matchup?

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Well, you really have a complicated fight with Transmortis because they will use your scrap markers against you ... as long as you use the constructs on your team.

Remember that Foundry also has members that although they use scrap markers, they don't generate it. Consider adding Neil Henry, Willie and Sparks to your team. This may affect mobility on the map, but in that case you can use Rail Workers so that, using their Pneumatic Toss, they move the miniatures you need to the action zone.

Fortunately within the Ten Thunders we have very good Versatiles like Tanuki (the drunk raccoon that heals), Fuhatsu, Samurais and the Lone Swordsman who can reinforce your team, apart that the last two have great maneuverability.

Be careful with Anna and Valedcitorian who can give you problems if you neglect them. If I help you, give me your Like 😝 .... just kidding, share the result of your match to see how it went


P.D. : Do not forget to place explosives on Mei and any other attacker with Sparks. It's always fun to see how your rivals explode in each attack :D

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I definitely agree that there are a lot of good, versatile options within 10T, and I can certainly build a crew that uses them. Unfortunately, avoiding Walking Forge and giving up (most of) Rail Walk means that I'm basically surrendering the Foundry keyword's signature action, which is a significant handicap. A lot of other Foundry abilities rely on Scrap markers as well; there are a few ways to hand out Stunned in the crew, which would handicap the Bonus Actions Von Schtook's people rely on to remove Scrap, but most of those also rely on removing Scrap markers.

I guess what I'm saying is that when an opponent declares Von Schtook, they're basically saying, "You no longer benefit from having your keyword," which seems like a potential NPE. Maybe at some point the Foundry will get a model with a similar ability to the Ten Thunders Brother's "Protect Our Holdings", but for Scrap Markers.

Although as I look at the 10T Brother, I notice that they have Diversion, which prevents enemies within 4" from declaring Bonus Actions. Pretty much all of Transmortis' actions that eat Scrap Markers are Bonus Actions. Hmmm...there's a possibility...

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I don't think it's fair to call it a "hard counter" situation, unless you're going to say that Ressers are a self-counter, or that mirror matches are mutual annihilation matches.  🤓  Look at "Rasputina vs. Rasputina" or "Kaeris vs. Kaeris".  

Yeah, a lot of the time a Mei Feng player can be reckless about how the scrap markers are being positioned and generated, because they're the only one using them; just like most of the time a Resser player can be reckless about corpse marker generation because they're the only one using them.  🤷‍♀️


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It definately forces the Foundry to play differently, but I think its a challenge I would welcome. I'd say it becomes less of "well just dont create scrap." And more of a "Be smart about where you put scrap and makes sure you get to use it first." For example, if Leyline is in the pool, dont go dropping scrap on the centerline. Also, the Foundry has a lot niche abilities that consume scrap. Id use them a lot more. There'd be a lot of dropping one scrap to railwalk to, then consuming it with the one model just so that my opponent cant get use out of it. 

The first thing I'd do is take less Walking Forge models. No Gamin, and I wouldnt take the Porkchop w/o Tin Feast. Id just use the Forgeling, Mei, and the Golem for my scrap. Dont forget that Mei's bonus action is Range 8 with the Trigger to drop scrap in base with the target. This can open up an unexpected attack angle which she can capitalize on during the same activation, and then consume with Blinded by Iron. Something else to consider is that Transmortis needs LoS to interact with Scrap but the Foundry does not. So you can definately be creative with terrain or place scrap behind large models to block LoS. I can imagine a world where the Golem pushes foward and drops a scrap behind him for others to follow while blocking LoS to it. 

Survivors dont really need scrap to succeed, so they are a good option here. 

I also dont think id take sparks, since a lot of what he does is nuetralized. I think I'd look OOK for healing if I wanted it. 

Its definately gonna be a game were Foundry is on the back foot, but in Malifaux one crew is always on the back foot. Dont let the enemy's strengths against your crew overlook your strengths against his. This is a low def crew, which Mei loves. If she gets in on Von Stook its gonna get messy for him. She can get triggers super easy, and Kang is autosuited so Disarming isnt gonna do too much. 

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