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Pathfinder Box? (Trappers)

Yore Huckleberry

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1 minute ago, Yore Huckleberry said:

The Trappers box is listed as having one pathfinder and four clockwork traps. Is that half of the models you’re allowed to take? Did they change this since 2e?

That is half the allowed amount in M3 for each model

Off the top of my head I can't remember if they had limits for these models in M2, but most models weren't limited in number. The only previous trap limit I can remember was from First edition, where fielding either the Pathfinder or Lucas McCabe allowed you to increase the number of traps.

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Oddly enough, in M2E Clockwork Traps were Rare 4, and I don't see anything obvious that allowed more than that to be taken.  (I don't want to dig out the old upgrade cards...)

So, to answer the question...  Yes, if you buy two Trappers boxes, you can hire both Pathfinders and hire or summon all eight of the Clockwork Traps you'll end up with.

Although I was really, really, really, hoping that the Pathfinder would get resculpted.  

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10 minutes ago, Yore Huckleberry said:

So are there not two sculpts for it?

There is not.  If you look at the old box set, it shows the front and back side of the pathfinder model, and the front and back of the clockwork trap.  It's basically a repackaging of the original 2013/2014 plastic for those models.  You get the one pathfinder sprue and four copies of the clockwork trap sprue, although from what I'm seeing online it's relatively easy to repose the heads of the traps.

The Pathfinder is one of the early plastic models, and some of the kneeling plastic models suffer from a scale difference compared to the standing models.

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