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Slow and sloth win the game of malifaux


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So with the new box being announced, crossroad 7 are back on talk of town and so I'd thought I'd start off a thread on our own crossroad member sloth. 


Now sloth is an interesting leader as he seems to be a support/control model that doesn't seem to actually support the rest of the crossroad too well. So I guess my question is, is sloth better with only a 1-2 members of the band and then concentrating on undead models. Especially as that'd what the effigy/emmy supports best? 


Or is sloth just a bad leader for the 7 and are we just left with seemingly no good henchmen leaders

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1 hour ago, dannydb said:

So with the new box being announced, crossroad 7 are back on talk of town and so I'd thought I'd start off a thread on our own crossroad member sloth. 

There was a new Crossroads box announced?

Edit:  Oh, you mean the rerelease.  I mean, real Crossroads Seven fans have their limited edition (M2E) story encounter booklet.  🤓

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I'm not that into Res to be useful here but when you consider the C7, you need to think if you want most of the band for the kind of bubble crew they offer (which may be an interesting mind game) or if you wan't to combine part of the band with some RES models to get something you don't usually have in the faction.

For combining the crew with other model of Res, I'd say you'd want to check what the other crossroads (not sloth) offer to RES; because if you just want to support with Sloth, he can do the same job in another master/henchman leaded crew.

For example, in NVB sloth can be used to give fast to some heavy hitters of the Fae keyword, something the rest of the faction struggle to do as efficiently as he does; so a crossroads crew mixed with some Fae is something that this crew is offering me. Or in NVB there are few ranged powerhouses, Envy can be used to create a shooty crew; again Envy is offering something that I struggle to get in the rest of the faction (maybe with Lucius, but not as good at shooting as this one).

I had the same idea for NVB and wrote a small introductory guide, it's not curated info tho, just an initial brainstorming. I'll leave the link in case you wan't to check it:


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Some quick thoughts about C7 mostly with the versatiles:

The zombies and corpse markers have a good synergy with them: Glutonny make them move towards markers (any kind) and eat them for damage, both Glutonny and Greed make good use of the corpses (heals and SS), Wrath could use the disposable Zombies to redirect attacks. 

The Carrion Emissary seems good with them, C7 have some ways to lure and stack enemy models on top of each other; "Rot and Rend" with the blast plus the conditions plays nicely into this. They also make good use of the corpses, zombies and the markers, so Exumation is another synergistic action (but Aura of Decay is also very strong). For this same reason both Asura or Mortimer seem good picks (blasts plus extra corpses).

The death Rider also seems a good pick, the trigger in Scythe let him throw a model into the crew (or next to other models) and as said above they make good use of extra bodies; so "The dead hate the living" seems good with them.

Grave Golem plays nicely into corpses heavy crews and it's both tanky and hit hard, so if the SS allows, he isn't a bad pick; and Bone Piles also seem solid minions for these kind of crews (plus heal and condition removal). The forgotten Marshal could also be a nice pick (2 Rable Rissers as meatshields to redirect attack, or 1 + 1 Night terror for the auras)

Not sure if worth it, but Greed with The Whisper will get easily 1 SS each turn.

Archie and Bone Piles are numbskull, so Sloth may heal them without the slow dissadvantage (but this can be done outside a C7 crew tho)

But again, not an expert in this faction; so I don't know if there are better crews with that playstile in RES.

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Upon further inspection, one of the henchmen at least (Gluttony) has neat tricks with corpse markers. Ressers is the best faction for creating corpse markers, so that opens up a lot of options.

Sloth also synergises really well with undead, since he can give them fast. He can also heal them and give them slow. And of course can combine both for a heal but no slow. The heal on Archie is also an option, but I'm dubious about it just because Sloth isn't mobile enough to get to Archie to heal him. Giving a model fast seems way stronger than healing in general, so I think capitalising on his speed boost is key.

Just playing around, a list could look like:

  • Sloth
  • Free effigy + upgrade (2)
  • Wrath (7)
  • Gluttony (7)
  • Grave Digger (6)
  • Grave Golem (10) (EDIT: realised this guy can't be made fast)
  • Beater of your choice (such as Dead Rider, 11, or Archie + GST)
  • 7 stones remaining for upgrades/cache.

You'd probably want at least one Grave Spirit's Touch upgrade for the ability to eat corpse markers to gain focus (although Grave Digger has that ability, you want to spend his bonus action dropping corpses).

Thus you have a very powerful bubble of three crossroads demons working together, grave golem to lock down part of a board (and giving him fast makes him wayyyy stronger), and Dead Rider to handle whatever you need. Turn 3, you can have an Emissary enter play. Between Dead Rider and Emissary, this crew's late game will be hella strong. The first turn could be dedicated to stacking focus on the whole team. Should be easy to get 2-4 focus at least on all the henchmen.

Gluttony makes interacting for your opponent a tricky prospect, so this crew could be great on Turf War or Plant Explosives.

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I personally find Pride very hard to pass... "Solo" aura is really good, and his sin shenanigan is one of the best by far (you can't cheat!)...

I'd start trying something like this: Sloth, Effigy(Fate), Asura(Whisper), Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, 10SS.

10 SS seems handy in an almost full henchman crew. The Whisper in Asura would let her be efficient with her summoning (even letting the player stonning for double trigger reliabily without needing to cheat)... A grave spirit touch could be added (probably to Wrath, Sloth or Glutonny), but I think I like more the 10 SS cache + Zombies. Lust would fit well that team clumping models for Asura and the Emissary to blast, but it's hard to drop any other Crossroads, so I guess she stays on the bench in this one.

Another version from the top of my head: Sloth, Effigy(Fate), Rider, Mortimer, Wrath(Touch), Gluttony, Pride, 6SS.

The Rider will Ride with Me Mortimer, Morty will beat his summoned zombie to get 3 corpses in turn 1; being able to summon the full 5 Zombie army in turn 2 thanks to the rider. Wrath will use one of those corpses to pulse focused in turn 1, in turn 2 he will try to Lure something for when the horde rises. Sloth will try to keep fast in both the Emissary and the Rider if possible; Sloth will help himself Zombies to regain health when needed (and will use the zombies to displace and damage enemies), Wrath will try to keep them near to redirect attacks to them (and then use the corpses for extra focused); thanks to Mortimer, the emissary and the Rider, there should be a healthy Zombie generation machine to feed all those abilities.

EDIT: Missread trigger.

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