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Who to pick up to learn?


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Hey all, 


Coming from WarmaHordes and think Mali looks awesome. I have a list of Masters I like the look of so wonder who you recommend getting first. Open to suggestions for other Masters as long as its not Hamlin ololol


Parker: less so the models more so the running and the gunning


Tara: I play Legion so like the look and she sounds v weird but maybe hard to play. Though if everyone is learning at the same time it may be worth the effort to learn her...


Zipp! Like the model but LOVE the annoying sound of the Master. He is my doppelganger 


Levi: I like the models and like the idea of being hard to kill and not a glass cannon 


Anyway, hopefully this isn't a dumb post... 


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If you love the idea of zipp then go with him. Rule of cool. He is very good too.

Levi is my main outcast main and he is pretty good, just have to protect your waifs but as a wmh player you are used to protecting models.

I would also suggest the viks, straight forward crew, very mobile and hit hard. Glass cannons as well which is what legion was iirc

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You can literally start with any master, but it's how easily you'll pick up the game rules and the keyword rules simultaneously with your first exposure is gonna be the problem. 

I always say Viktoria's is a great starting crew because their keyword rules is just more movement, I doesn't buck the game rules too much.

Tara's keyword rules are an entirely different game within the game; your learning curve is STEEP!  But, if you find it cool, do it because the reward of the at steep of a curve is amazing once you do get it.

Zipp's keyword rules are, much like him, all over the place.  Out of the box, you can play him fine.  10 games in, you'll notice the things you've missed, and jump up a to a whole new level as you get the synergies (and boy are there a lot of them).

Parker is very middle of the road on difficulty.  It will take you a couple of games to get it, then you're set and fully on your way.

Levi..... man, Levi new box isn't even announced yet, so without his new Scavenger models that change his landscape, and it's a complicated landscape, I wouldn't start there yet.  By the time you master him, the new box would come out and then it's back to relearning.

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6 hours ago, YourMumRang said:

I'm actually looking for something that isn't like Legion so glass cannon isn't what I'm after. I think. 


Would you say Tara is a no go? 

First of all, welcome to Malifaux! 

As has been said previously, I would definitely go with the crew you like the look of. That being said...

Tara is definitely a more complex master. As has been stated, she has a steep learning curve, but she is very strong once you get the hang of it. The Third Floor Wars Tabletop Talk podcast recently did an episode on Tara. Could be a good place to start for more strategy and give you a leg up on the learning curve. 

Zipp is strong as well and his crew definitely lends itself to "counter scheming" to stop the enemy from scoring. A lot of models that are annoying to deal with. 

Parker is also a good choice. Really good ranged threat, though his crew is not particularly "tanky." As far as crew lists go, I think the core box for Parker is a fine place to start. Just saw you decided on Parker. Here are some ideas for models to add:

Wokuo Raiders: The bandits' melee model. There are mixed opinions about how good they are, but I have found them to be worth their 8ss cost. After a couple of games, you really get a feel for how they need to operate to survive. 

The Midnight Stalker: A versatile model for Outcasts that will help a ton with running schemes. He is in a lot of lists I build and I've seen a lot of other players using him regularly. A very good model for its cost.

Prospector: Another versatile model. Prospectors can run schemes for you, deny enemy schemes, and deny corpse/scrap markers. On top of this, they produce extra soulstones throughout the game. They allow a Parker crew to take a surprisingly small cache of soulstones since Parker can also produce extra soulstones. 

Malifaux child: A cheap, versatile enforcer that can copy Parker's ability "bandit raid" and drop scheme markers for the rest of your crew to use to gain fast. 

Hodgepodge emissary: While expensive for a utility piece, the hodgepodge emissary brings a lot to the table. It has multiple ways to heal models, it can provide out of activation movement, and it can increase the overall range of your crew (it gives +1 move and most of the bandits have run and gun). It's gun also hands out slow which I have made good use of. Finally, it has an interesting "trinket" mechanic where it hands out upgrades. 

That's a quick list of stuff that I often find myself swapping into my Parker crews. These all come in separate boxes, so if you want to take it slow I would suggest buying just 1 additional box (the model you like the look of the most) and slotting that into your crew with the rest of the core box. 

There is another model in the bandit keyword that you could get. The dead outlaws are bandits. However, I haven't really used them and don't see a need to. I have heard others having success with them though, so maybe someone else can give you a rundown. 

Hope that helps!

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Malifaux is a game where you want to adapt your list to the mission, so its probably not best to plan on just the one list for everything.

That said, when you are learning the rules, its a good idea to not change too much.  The core box is 24 ss worth of Parker crew, which would be a good choice to start if you're playing 30 ss games. To expand it to play 50 ss I would suggest staying in keyword for now. I personally would buy a pack of Wokou Raiders, as they are the most melee bandits out there, but I can see the arguments for you to focus on your strengths, rather than cover your weaknesses. That would give 48 ss of models, so you can customise a bit on cache size/model count, and after a few games look at upgrades as well.

My advice is to get playing with a basic list and find out what works for you, and what you struggle with, and plan change based on that. your way of playing Parker is not going to be the same as mine, so my advice might be useless to you. (After all you said you like the look of Run and gun. You could build a whole list that avoids the enemy as much as possible using run and gun a lot, in which case those Wokou raiders are much less use to you).



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1 minute ago, YourMumRang said:

Thanks all, 


I was aware of the customising a list pre game thing which is why I asked for a roster as opposed to a list. 

I like the idea of a kite based list. 

I will do me a browse of the models. Are they all put now? 

You can view of the cards on the M3e crew builder app. It is a great app. You can find 2e boxes for most things still. Some of the 3e boxes are still being released. I think the Wokou Raiders 3e box is still waiting on a release. Not certain about all of the others. The 3e core box for Parker is at least available. 

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Welcome to Malifaux!

Parker is a blast to play and in certain schemes is incredibly hard to stop. His is a good choice to learn the game with and has room to grow. His crew brings tons of ranged firepower and mobility due to their Run and Gun. 

Always bring mad dog. He is the highest damage out put in keyword.

the bandidos are great cheap minions for their cost. I usually bring 1-2 as needed.

wouku raiders take some finesse but can be great models. 

The first addition to the crew I recommend outside of the core box is Sue. He bring good damage and utility. 

People are split on convict gunslingers as many think them slightly over costed in point (I tend to agree) but can get a lot of attacks.

Dead outlaws are a good addition as a bit of a ranged bruiser/support piece. Decent attack but it’s triggers are fantastic.

Malifaux 3rd edition has proven to be the best balanced edition yet. If you find a model that just looks cool, you can find a place for it somewhere. Should you want some information on particular models we can all help :) 

my favorite additions are as follows:

midnight stalker for high mobility and scheme running

prospector for schemes and soulstones 

Hans for extra ranges utility but can be hard to use optimally  

Barbaros (hard to get ahold of solo atm) for a bit of tank and control.


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