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Fate's Messenger question


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General Talent "Fate's Messenger" (Under Quarantine pg. 134)

Whenever this character would discard a Twist card for any reason other than Cheating Fate, she may instead choose to suffer 2 damage; this damage may not be reduced or prevented.


My question is, how does this interact with Talents that change depending on the value or Suit of the card that is discarded?

For instance:

Academic Step 0 Talent "Know It All" (Core Rules pg. 101)

When this character fails a Skill Challenge with a Skill that is associated with a Mental Aspect, she may discard a card to immediately reflip that Challenge. If the discarded card was a Tome, she may use an Academic Skill of her choice in place of the original Skill.


Dabbler Step 0 Talent "Imbue Protection" (Core Rules pg. 109)

...Increase the value of this Condition to Imbued Protection +2 if the discarded card had a value of 6-10, or Imbued Protection +3 if the card had a value of 11 or greater.

When you declare that you are using the Fate's Messenger Talent, do you reveal a card in your hand that you would have otherwise discarded, and use the suit and value of that card? Or does Fate's Messenger just assume that the card had no Suit and a value of zero?

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I haven't read the rules for a while. Strictly interpretting "If the discarded card was a Tome, she may use an Academic Skill of her choice in place of the original Skill." you havent discarded a card.

I would look at the wording on Cheating fate though, as to me calling out that as something that can't be bypassed for this makes me wonder if the intention is to allow things like constant shielded 3 at the cost of 2 health (Healing is genearlly quite restrictive, so unless you have like comsume corpse or something similar, this isn't a very good trade).

Did Under Quarantine come before 2nd edition, if so it could be this isn't very well balanced?

I would probably try playing it with allowing it to declare values and suits from a choosen card without discarding it - and see how it plays out.

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