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Shenlong as second master


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Even if the picture of both students beating the crap out of Shenlong with their brooms is hilarious; consider also the double concentrate action into Spiritual Alignment to charge him with 6 Chi in the first turn. If you are fighting into manipulative, Distracted isn't that useful; Chi can also be used defensively and to empower his flips and triggers. It costs 1 extra action from Shenlong per student tho (or you can charge only 4 using 1 action from Shenlong). 

Including the students is more useful if you are fighting into Armor or plan to use the onslaught trigger into H2W (where you'll attach the low river upgrade to get the chi per trigger abilities; and the students will get the heal); into H2W or Manipulative (where the fermented is a solid option) 1 Low River could be an option over 2 students; he can also charge him with Chi and have his own heal to support while Senlong have the Fermented attached.

But even with 1 student it will be probably fine if you are in a budget.

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I've used him as second master a few times and he really needs 1+ monk to help him get a few chi!

Most of the time I've played him with 1 student or 1 student and 1 LRM! It worked really well! But the first turn was always student or LRM concentrated 2 times and Shenlong used 1 AP to transfer the 3 chi! Sometimes with both, other times with only one of the 2! I really want to give a decent number of chi to him early so he can be aggressive and independant!

I tried him once with no monk support and Shenlong was way less scary and powerful! (never enough chi and having to use his AP to get more)

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