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Bandit-Man and His Tormented Friends

Jesy Blue

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I saw an interesting play in a Parker crew today.  Took one Guilty in with the normal stuff.

1st turn, Dead Outlaw shoots the Guilty, which counts as an enemy, triggers Drop It!, uses the marker to power Covetous Cravings to give Guilty fast, later, activates Guilty, runs into the middle causing all sorts of mischief, gets himself killed off by an end of turn Rasputina, reflect through pillar attack.  Now Silent One gets the Punish The Wicked upgrade through the Demise trigger, 8 card Parker Hand turn 2 and keeps repositioning the Silent one in bad places.

Eventually, Silent One gets killed, resummons a Guilty, Dead Outlaw repeated the process!

It was infuriating; I loved every moment of it!  I'm so stealing this concept!!

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On 9/30/2019 at 6:11 PM, Manxfaux said:

You could shoot it twice, drop two enemy markers and have a prospector pick them up for 2ss too I suppose?

I did this last three games. Some people's faces are just epic. Apart from that, I feel that it's a combo that I'm not sure it's worth the stones (yes, if you're going to put all those models by themselves go on, but I'd rather have a MNS stalking instead of, say, one of the guilty-dead outlaw. 

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