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Malifaux 3rd Edition: Breach Reopens - Auckland Tournament Oct 19th

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Welcome back through the Breach and the world of Malifaux that lies beyond it!

With the advent of the 3rd edition of our beloved game we're opening with a 50ss tournament. There will be prizes to be won, merriment to be had even if - and don't forget - Bad Things Happen!

We'll be running a single tournament and casual games over the course of the day; a 50ss for those who have already got themselves up to speed on how to play, and we'll be running three 2.5 rounds, as well as 35ss casual games for those who are still getting their foot through the Breach and into this wonderful game (for those interested Soulstones (or 'ss') are the equivalent of points for models in other wargames). 

Learn to play sessions will be available, and some of our awesome community have offered to donate their crews for usage in the 35ss tournament - so if you're interested in the game and want to try out a specific master let us know! We'll see what we can do for you.

If you’re interested in learning to play, just come in on the day and talk to the man in the ‘Henchman’ shirt – he may also be wearing a yellow beanie.


Dead Man's Hand will be allowed for this tournament.

As there are crews that have models whose cards have been released but no official model available, they may be used without an official model as long as an appropriate proxy is used. Additionally, you may proxy a model so long as you have the official model.

Strategies and Schemes for each round have been provided at the bottom of the page.


Check out the event and book your ticket to  here >>  https://hobbymaster.co.nz/events/event/3282


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