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Creepy Stories to tell in Malifaux

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Where: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699

When: Oct 7th to 28th

Time: Games start at 6pm

Cost: $0

Reboots are all the craze now days, so why not for Malifaux? Join the shoppe the month of October for updated version of the classic Halloween Story encounters from the first years of Malifaux. Each Monday will feature a new story encounter chosen by the community itself. This will be an open league, so you can play as often as you like and not miss anything. You can even gain some pumpkin tokens to celebrate the event. Come on out and get spooky. 

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The first story encounter for the event. 


Story Encounter 1: A Witch’s Brew


Sara the Witch is renowned for her poultices and salves, sought after by the rich and powerful. The components necessary for her concoctions are rare and difficult to find. Your Crew has been tasked with collecting various alchemical creations from the Witch, but she is very picky about who approaches her. Beware of her cat.


After deploying all models, place the Cauldron Witch Marker (sz 2, blocking, impassable) in the center of the table. Then each player places one 40mm Strategy Marker on each side of the Cauldron Witch Marker, along the centerline of the table, at least 8” from each table edge and no closer than 8” to Cauldron Witch Marker.


A model may perform an Interact Action with either 40mm Strategy Marker to receive a random Brew Component Token (see chart below). A model may only carry one Brew Component token at a time. A model carrying a Brew Component Token may take an Interact Action

while in base contact with the Cauldron Witch Marker to discard it. After a Crew discards a Brew Component Token, the model flips on the Rewards chart below for the reward she bestows upon the Crew. A model carrying a Brew Component Token may also take an Interact Action to discard the Token to receive the benefits of the consumed Token. If a model carrying a Brew Component Token is killed, the Brew Component Token they are carrying is discarded.

A model that ends a Move or Push within 3” of the Cauldron Witch Marker that is not carrying a Brew Components Token suffers 3 irreducible damage when she strikes the offending model with her Cat, Mandrake.

Brew Components - Ingested

(Ram) Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog - This model gains +2 Damage to all Attack Action until the end of the encounter or the model is Healed of any damage.  

(Crow) Wool of Bat and Tongue of Dog - This model gains “Flight: When resolving the Walk or Charge Action, instead of moving normally, this model may Place itself completely within X",where X is equal to this model's Mv. This model does not suffer Falling damage.”

(Tome) Adder’s Fork and Blind-worm’s Sting - This model gains “Ghostly Aura: Models within aura 2 of this model have Concealment.”

(Mask) Lizard’s Leg and Owlet’s Wing - This model gains “Swift: At the start of this model's Activation, it gains Fast.”

(Either Joker) The model Interacting receives Poison 2.

The Cauldron Witch’s Reward

(Ram) Double, Double Toil and Trouble - The model gains +1 Dg to its Attack Actions until the end of the Encounter.

(Crow) Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - The model gains “Incorporeal: Reduce all damage this

model suffers from Attack Actions by 1, to a minimum of 0. This model ignores Terrain while moving and is unaffected by Hazardous Terrain . This model can move through other models and vice versa.”

(Tome) Filet of a Fenny Snake - The model gains “Hard To Kill: When this model suffers damage, if it has 2 or more Health, it may not be reduced to below 1 Health.”

(Mask) In the Cauldron, Boil and Bake - The model gains “Nimble: This model may treat the Walk Action as a Bonus Action.”

(Black Joker) For a Charm of Powerful Trouble - The model is killed.

(Red Joker) Like a Hell Broth, Boil and Bubble - The model gains “Life Leech: When an enemy model starts its Activation within aura 4”, this model Heals 1 and the enemy model suffers 1 damage.”



At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if more models Interacted with the following: (Cauldon Witch Marker, 40mm Strategy Markers, or Brew Components) that Turn than it has scored VP for this Strategy.


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Story Encounter 2: Trick or Treat!


This story takes place over the course of Halloween in the city of Malifaux. Its story is told in a narrative, with characters like Dan and Aaron crossing paths with each other throughout the story. It will be the night nobody comes homes. 


Set up

Starting with the Attacking Player, place 4 Building House terrain pieces (Height 5, Blocking, Impassable, Cover). They should be placed within 4” of the center of the table, with at least 2 pieces on the centerline. There should be at least 4” between the houses. 



Models may attempt to perform a Tactical Action “Trick or Treat” while in base contact with a building. After the model performs the action, flip a card (which can not be cheated).


Black Joker: Mean old neighbor lady! Interacting model suffers 5 irreducible damage. 

1-6: Trick!: Interacting model suffers 1 irreducible damage.

7-13: Treat!: Interacting model receives 1 Candy token.

Red Joker: Impressive Costume! Interacting model receives 2 Candy tokens and is healed 2 damage.


You may not “Trick or Treat” with the same building house more than once per turn. You may not “Trick or Treat” again with a building house again until you have interacted with each of the other building houses on the table.

As soon as a model receives a Candy token, place it to that player’s side of the table. If a model is killed  or otherwise removed from the game it has no impact on the Candy tokens collected to that point.



At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if it has more Candy tokens than it has scored VP for this Strategy.


Special Occurrence

All Hallows Eve!: This occurrence is in effect for the entire game. Dusk settles with an eerie pallor across the landscape of Malifaux, chilling everyone and everything to the bone. Line of Sight is limited to 8” for all models. All models suffer –1 WP. 


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Here goes encounter number 3 plus rules for Pumpkin Zombies.

Story encounter 3: 

Mad dash for the pumpkin patch


With fall in full swing, the Fauxmaha gang prepares for Halloween. On a cold Autumn day, Mike and Micheal go out to the local pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin. Micheal selects the largest they can find, and makes poor Mike the one to get it back to the house. He becomes distraught when it turns out Micheal is going to gut it to be a jack-o-lantern.


Set Up

Place a 6" by 4" Pumpkin Patch piece of terrain (Concealing, Severe) in the center of the table and 10 Pumpkin Tokens are placed on it. 



Models may perform a Tactical Action “Pumpkin Pick” when in base contact with a Pumpkin Patch terrain to take a Pumpkin Token and place it on the model’s card. A model may not carry more than one Pumpkin token at a time. As a Bonus Action, any model may discard a Pumpkin Token from its card to drop a Pumpkin Strategy Marker in base contact with the model. 

If any model is moved out of its activation will cause the model to discard any Pumpkin Token on its card and drop a Pumpkin Strategy Marker in base contact with the model before it is moved. 

Models may perform an Interact Action while in base contact with a Pumpkin Strategy Marker to remove it and gain a Pumpkin Token on its card.



At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if there are more Pumpkin Strategy Markers in the Crew’s deployment than this Crew has earned VP from this Strategy. Pumpkin Strategy Markers must be completely within the deployment zone to count. 


Special Occurrence

Bloody Harvest!: This occurrence is in effect for the entire game. These pumpkins are not your normal, everyday pumpkins. They are a risky crop to collect! During the Resolve Effects of the End Phase, the last player to activate a model flips a card.  This flip may not be cheated. 

If the flip is 5 or less, all carried pumpkins attack their carriers! Any model carrying a Pumpkin token suffer an unmodified damage flip suffering 1/2/3 irreducible damage, and discard the Pumpkin Token they are carrying and place a Pumpkin Strategy Marker in base contact with the model. If Living models are killed by this effect, the model is replaced with a Pumpkin Zombie and Heal 4. See next page for stats.


Pumpkin Zombie

Minion, Undead, Versatile



Df 3      Wp 3      Wk 4      Sz 2      Hp 4


Insignificant: This model cannot take the Interact Action and is ignored for Strategies and Schemes.


Hard to Wound: Damage flips against this model suffer a -flip.


Pumpkin Head: This model counts as being friendly to the crew in which the model it replaced. This model may not cheat fate or discard soulstones for effects. 


Jack o lanterns: When declaring or resolving friendly Actions or Abilities, this model may

count as Scheme Marker. If the Scheme Marker would be removed, this model is killed and does not Drop a Corpse Marker.


Gourds on a vine: During this model's Activation, it increases its final duel totals by +1 for each other friendly model with the same name, model with a Pumpkin Token on its card, or Pumpkin Strategy Marker within aura 3.


Attack Actions

Gnashing Bite     Rg:slash0"      Stat: 4crow      Rst: Df      TN:X

Target suffers 1/1/3 damage.

(crow) Infect:Models damaged by this Action gain Poison +1 for each crow in this Action's final duel total (to a maximum of Poison +2).

(crow) Zombify:Living only. After killing, the target does not Drop any Markers. Replace the model with a friendly Pumpkin Zombie into base contact with the target and Heal 4.


Tactical Actions

(bonus) "Braaaiiiinnsss"      Rg: 8"      Stat:X      Rst:X      TN:X

Target an enemy model with less Health than its maximum Health. Move this model 3" toward the target.


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