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Waldo's Weekly - Try, Try, Try to Understand

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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo saw an ad in the breakroom for an Open “Mike” Night hosted by one of our warehouse associates and decided to head over to the local comedy club. After hearing one too many “can you believe the food they serve on airplanes?” jokes, Waldo started to realize that this was not, in fact, an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Now we have to hire someone new. RIP Mike.

So while Waldo is picking meat from his teeth, let’s take a look at another unit in The Other Side, the Guild Mages!


In the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side, the Guild and the Court of Two will face one another on the battlefield, much like they did in the Scars That Teach story. Will the battle unfold in the same way as the story did with the Court of Two and their ghost army walking away victorious, or will the Guild Mages find a way to cast aside the spirits before they can cause too much chaos?

In the Starter Box, in addition to the Gatling Gunners (previewed in a previous Waldo’s Weekly), players will also have access to a unit of 3 Guild Mages. At a cost of 6 Scrip, these authoritarian sorcerers are going to wreak havoc on the opponent in ways that they might not expect. Yes, the Guild Mages are going to be dealing out magical attacks in the form of Elemental Blasts (and when in Glory, the Trigger on that Action is particularly explosive), but that’s not the only trick up their sleeves (despite the fact that they’re not actually wearing sleeves).


It isn’t their Soulstone Defenses or card draw shenanigans that make them worthwhile on the table (though they certainly don’t hurt); it’s the Rule of Law, which is one of the few Objective Marker manipulating Actions in the game. Repositioning an Objective Marker from the Centerline in a Scavenge Operation can be a huge point swing with a single Morale Action.


This week, we’re also going to take a quick look at the Guild’s Allegiance card, which provides some unique benefits in comparison to its Envoy cousin. Should a player decide to run the Guild in a one Commander game, they’ll be rewarded with a few potent effects that can’t be found elsewhere in The Other Side.

Woe to the Conquered allows the Guild to take out models they themselves cannot bring to the table with relative ease: Titans. After already making an enemy unit flip or discard an Asset, a friendly Guild Fireteam may take a melee or missile Action, which can be particularly devastating if you are also bringing a certain fire-slinging Guild Commander to the table (more on her in the future!).

The Steady March of Tyranny allows for this projectile-focused Allegiance to move a bit when they declare the Focused Effort Order (or get an Inspired Token from somewhere else). This allows for Guild units to line up a shot or get out of range from one with relative ease, even without spending the Inspired Token.  


Whether you bring the Guild as an isolated Company or supplement another Allegiance, those that don the red ram’s head are as explosive in The Other Side as they are in Malifaux.


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6 hours ago, Thedeadclaw said:

What I really want to know about these starters is whether these new Soniia and Kirai sculpts are legal for Malifaux and The Other Side or just The Other Side.

there is every reason they will be legal, however they must be on the correct base. last i checked wyrd is pretty chill about kitbashing etc. feels silly to not allow it...


THESE MF RULES THO HOTDAWG! now if only i had people to play with...

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8 hours ago, Merchant said:

THESE MF RULES THO HOTDAWG! now if only i had people to play with...

Right?  Three single-model Fireteams is super fragile, but By The Authority of the Guild and Rule of Law look amazing if you can pull them off!

The Guild's Allegiance Card does sound very Guild-y, especially those ability names, love it!

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2 hours ago, Gnomezilla said:

Wait, Guild is getting jank?!? Did someone shuffle the flavor notebooks?



( *gentle whisper* to put on something like armor is spelled ‘don’ not ‘dawn’...and ask an east coast native to pronounce them differently for you :P )

You just made me silently mouth the words at my desk.

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