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Hello all,

I am not a fan of acrylic markers so looking to make use of precast bases or make my own.

I am playing Neverborn and Bayou initially and have sourced relevant markers for scrap tokens (suitable for Teddy believe?) and corpse markers.

Have you got any suggestions/pictures of web, blast, glowy, etc?

I am using cast bases for my models so have a number of Wyrd bases available for use / creating.

Thanks in advance

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First I’d make sure you are purchasing 50mm markers instead of 2” (50.8mm) markers.  For me these were much harder to find but very important distinction...

for Titania’s Underbrush markers I purchased a pack of 10x 50mm plastic discs/coins.  They are 1.5mm thick.  I slapped some wood filler on them and ensured the edges remained clean/clear plastic, very easy to do by applying the wood filler carefully and simply wiping the edge clean with a damp paper towel.  I like wood filler because it’s what I use for basing the rest of my crew anyway, is applied before priming/paining, and is water soluble and extremely easy to clean/wipe off before it is dry.

these turned out so well I can’t wait to get these painted up and do these other 50mm markers next:

3x Hungry Land Markers

5x Grootslang Lair Markers

7x Web Markers



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I realize I never updated this... pictured is one hungry land marker, one pyre marker, four unfinished lair markers and eight underbrush markers.

edit: since my last post I’ve seen people talk about how they made markers using a 2” template 🙄 yuck

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I made some custom markers for when I play. I used some 30mm and 40mm cut acrylic tokens I got off of Amazon and Etsy. I then used XPS foam to make the Coffin markers and Piano markers for the Carrion Emissary and Zipp. I then did some blood splatter and chalk outline for corpse tokens. I wanted to keep them pretty flat since I’m often on top of them. 


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My Pyre Markers. I made them for my first M3E game a year ago. They were supposed to be temporary as they are made on red cardboard and the use should deteriorate them quickly. But they're still performing as when they were new...


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Made some Outcast strategy/scheme markers (they look cool but aren't great as scheme markers because they poke up. Perfect for Symbols though). If I was more skilled painter I'd try to do the blood splatter but just yellow roses for now.

And then bought some Moai statuettes for Leylines off Etsy.



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