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First kaeris crew for tournament

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hello everyone,


In first time sorry for my bad english.


I Will participate In my first tournament soon and i only played one other part yet so i Will need all the help i can find to my kaeris crew.

the tournament's rule is : 40 SS => 25 SS for all the tournament and 15 SS at the beginning of each game. 

I only had the wildfire keyword, no versatile.

for my 25 SS base crew I thought of :

- kaeris

- eternal flame

- Carlos Vasquez 

- fire elemental + soulstone cache upgrade

- keep the 5 SS for the game

with that i think i have a strong base with lot of move. 

but i don't know how to spend the 15 SS so if you can give me some tips i Will be really thankfull (if you can explain why take this model rather than another for a specific scheme it will be the best)


i hope my english and my questions are understandable enough. 


thank for your help and have a Nice day :D 



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Personally, I'd recommend that 15ss be made of 2 Fire Gamin and a Firebranded. The gamin are great for moving around the Pyre markers and building up their burning from doing so, while the Firebranded can easily heal them or the Golem using their own burning. All three can scheme.

As a personal choice, I'd also exchange the Soulstone Cache upgrade on the Golem for Magical Training on a Gamin or the Firebranded. It gives them a little more survivability, along with getting you a 7 card hand. All that and you'll still have 6ss leftover total.

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So 40ss games with a fixed 25ss crew.  Do you have all the Wildfire models?

A 5ss cache is a lot to lock in at 40ss, which is also why I wouldn't favor the Soulstone Cache upgrade.  You should probably run light on stones. 

Given your restrictions I'd probably go with this;

  • Kaeris (cache 1)
  • Eternal Flame
  • Fire Golem (10)
  • Carlos (8)
  • Iggy (6)

The above choices are all quick and should give you plenty of flexibility, plus none of them are a liability in any of the games.  Iggy provides bonus damage output, speed, and marker removal, making him a great all round choice.

In non-Reckoning games: I'd probably add;  The Firestarter (7),  Fire Gamin (4) + Magical Training (2), +2 cache (2) = 15.  This gives you more utility and objective running.  The Firestarter's 'Light Under their Feet' is great utility. 

In Reckoning: I'd go for;  Elijah Borgmann (9), +2 Magical Training on Kaeris, and +4ss cache.  This removed the Firestarter (who's a liability) in Reckoning, and brings in more protection and hitting power.   Adding MT to Kaeris makes her much more survivable. 

Good luck and hope that helps! :) 

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hello :)

thank for the reply :)

i didn't know there is a wildfire outside the arcanist faction... so i don't have Iggy for now... if you know with what i can replace it if i can't have it for the tournament :)

arcane reservoir is magical training upgrade right? 

do you think 3 SS cache for a game i enough? i thinked 5-6 SS was a minimum 

have a Nice day :D

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It would help to know exactly what models you do have available.

Ideal choice would be a Soulstone miner, failing that a fire Gamin and Magical Training would do.  (Yes when I said AR above I meant MT.)

I'd normally want at least 5ss available to play a 50ss game, but these aren't 50ss games.  So cutting a couple of stones is fine IMO.

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for the tournament i have available : Kaeris / eternal flame / fire gamin / Carlos Vasquez / firestarter / elijah Borgmann / fire golem / firebranded


Okay thanks for the tips :)

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