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[false flag operation] going to glory and using company abilities


when i use false flag operation, what company rules should i use for the squad activated - KE or of my opponent? E.G. if the enemy unit i activate kills enemy fireteam, does it go to glory?
Also, can i use enemy company abilities - e.g. if i activate a CotBM unit, can i make it go through a portal?

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Never thought about that before, but yes it technically becomes a KE unit during the effect since False Flag Operation says: "The target counts as being a Squad in your Company for the duration of its Activation."  However, it can't use literally anything on the KE Allegiance card since every effect on it states "King's Empire" units/Fireteams/Squads.  So it loses access to its own Allegiance card but gets nothing from yours (unless you're taking control of an enemy KE unit).

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