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[Norway - Trondheim] NORWAY OPEN

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For the first time in Norway, Trondheim invites to Norway Open. We encourage out-of-town people to come, it is not a national championship without you!

Where: Outland Trondheim, upstairs gaming room

When: November 22nd - 24th 2019


  • 50ss tournament, four rounds.
  • Schemes and strats will be given up front.
  • Dead Man's Hand NOT allowed.
  • Gaining Grounds will be used if Wyrd publishes them in time.
  • We plan to have room for up to 32 people.
  • Entry charge TBA, probably around 100 NOK.

What else:

  • We start the fun on Friday with casual games (probably Enforcer Brawl or something similar), but from Saturday morning 10 AM it goes DOWN!
  • The current plan is two rounds on Saturday and another two on Sunday. 
  • There WILL be prizes! At this time, we have a crew box of your choosing in the pool (from golem.no). More will be added!
  • Beers and burgers on Saturday night, most likely at Bror Bar (they have good food, a good selection of beer and rock n' roll)
  • We will try to arrange sleepovers for out-of-towners

Current sponsors are:

  • golem.no
  • Outland Trondheim

We want more sponsors, please get in touch!

For more info and updates, go to


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We will accept international players.

Cannot promise beds, but we will try to find something (I do unfortunately not have the space myself, so have to hope that some of the guys with bigger houses can offer a place). Maybe couchsurfing is an option.

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So many people coming! :D At the start of October, I'll be getting my life back and can start translating information to English.

Full and final ruleset will be posted on November 1st, I'll try to get more practical info out before then. Scenarios will be posted on November 11th!

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Some random information as we approach the big day!

Snacks and Drinks

Outland sells some drinks and snacks, but the selection is limited. Sunday they will be closed for sales. There are kiosks and several restaurants nearby that sell almost anything you want, and if your game runs late and you do not have the time to run out, my son, Odin, will probably be around a lot of the time and be able to run errands for a small fee.

Dinner Saturday

We will most likely head to Bror Bar, since it is close to the venue, the food is good and the beer selection nice. The place is often crowded on Saturdays, so if you want to join, leave a comment. If we are ten people, we can book a table.


The widgets sets are almost ready - I’ll be doing finishing touches on them tonight! We have enough for everyone who already signed up, plus a few spares. If you intend to come but did not say so, leave a note so that we can make certain that we have enough for anyone! Check out the picture above, they are great!


The venue will lend us keys. I cannot both mind the door, set up tables and register people, so it is great if at least one person can show up early and mind the door. Sunday we need to apply a little elbow grease when people go outside to smoke/shop/whatever, since the store is closed.

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At this point there are only 13 people signed up (people that paid or told me they booked trips), but I know there are some bubblers, so we might yet reach 16. 

Also, if we are just under, but the majority of people want five rounds, I see no reason not to do five rounds anyway.

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One more thing, before I forget: If you have never before been to the Outland Trondheim game room, it is on the third floor. To get there, you need to go upstairs, then all the way left to the roleplaying games. To the right there is a white door with a stairway behind it. Go up and keep to the left.

If you have trouble finding your way, ask an employee or PM me. I will probably be there early to start setting up.

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