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H: Malifaux, Kingdom Death, Reaper, Warmachine, Studio McVey, and more W: $$$

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Hey everyone,

It's with a heavy heart that due to severe financial necessities, I'm looking to part with the remainder of my miniature collection. Prices are negotiable as I need the money as soon as possible. All items do not include shipping costs. Shipping is from the USA. I'm more than happy to ship internationally. Please be aware the cost will be higher and the shipping time longer. 

Payment must be made through PayPal. Should you buy multiple items together, I'm happy to bundle. 

I'm also available for miniature painting commissions. If interested, please contact me here. Thank you for taking the time to look. 

**Note** Any blue seen on bases or bottoms of minis is simply blue tack. It's very easily removed.

Malifaux: http://imgur.com/a/O1T6Nqp

Ryle (in package): $8

Ryle (without package): $6

Original Molly Box set (un-assembled, unpainted, all five minis included): $30

Purple Fate Deck: SOLD

Guardian (in package): $8

Perdita Avatar (new in package): $25

Ten Thunders Set (all assembled, no box): $20

Von Schill (No box, I'll include a base): $6

Austringer Falcon (just one, no box): $3

Guild Guard (No box): $6

Guild Gunslingers (No box): $6 each or $10 for both

Abuela Ortega (in package): SOLD

Painted original metal Perdita set: $75

Necrotic Machine (assembled in package): $8, or $5 if purchased with Molly Box

Rasputina metal set with extra ice gremlins: $40

Snow Storm (all parts included, unpainted, only body assembled): $25

Rasputina Avatar (all parts included, unpainted, only body assembled): $25

Kirai metal model (No box): $6

Mechanical Rider (1st edition, never opened): $60

Sam Hopkins (in package): $8

Fire gremlins (No box): $10 for all three, free with purchase of Sonnia Avatar or painted Sonnia

Scales of Justice (in package) $8

Colette Avatar (new in package): $25

Mechanical Doves (in package): $8, or $5 if purchased with Colette set

Colette set (all painted and assembled except Colette and Cassandra): $90

Sonnia Criid (painted, on fire base): $40

Painted Sonnia Criid Avatar: $100


Warmachine: http://imgur.com/a/VqK4Qxw

Avatar of Menoth (new in box): $25

Devout (new in package): $20

Dirty Meg (in package): $8

Hierophant (new in package): $10

Menoth Caster (I'm sorry, I forgot. No package): $6

Satyxis Gunslingers (New in Package): $15

Menoth Choir (No package, one's staff broke as seen in pic): $15

Judicator (new in box): $60

Aurora (new in package): $8

Plastic hammer dude (no package): $6

Painted Caster: $20


Kingdom Death: http://imgur.com/a/kB4WAdG

Pinup Wet Nurse (new in box, hard plastic): $30

Detective Twilight Knight (new in box, hard plastic): $30

Sci-Fi Twilight Knight (new in bag, hard plastic): SOLD

Black Friday Ninja (new in box, hard plastic): SOLD

40 year old survivor (as is, no extra parts, resin): $8

Halloween Survivors Release (new in bag, hard plastic): $50

Savior 20 Years Limited Edition, Numbered (new in box, resin): $90

Grand Mother (re-release, new in box, resin): $40

Illuminated Lady Limited Edition, Numbered, Painted (resin): $100



**Note** Some of the packages are a little dinged up--many were that way when I purchased them. The minis themselves are in perfect condition.

Aspis (new in box, pewter): $5

Dark Maiden, Razig (new in box, pewter): $8

Strumpet (new in box, pewter): $5

Whitney (new in box, pewter): $5

2012 Reaper Con Sophie (new in box, pewter): $10

Spider Centaur (new in box, pewter): $10

2005 Christmas Sophie 72mm (new in box, pewter): $15

Praying Paladin (new in box, pewter): $5

Master Spy (new in box, pewter): $5

Sylph (new in box, pewter): $5

Feiya (new in box, pewter): $5

Xiufang (new in box, pewter): $5

Nature Warden (new in box, pewter): $5

Yephima, Cloud Maiden (new in box, plastic): $3

Young Fire Dragon (new in box, plastic): $3

Deva: (new in box, plastic): $3

Bones grab box: $2 each or entire box for $40, or let me know what you're looking for (humans, monsters, animals, etc) and I'll dig through it.


Limited Minis and Misc. Companies: http://imgur.com/a/NvFlrxC

Studio McVey, Ar-Fienel, 379/750 (new in bag, resin): $125

Studio McVey, Ar-Fiach 397/750 (new in bag, resin): $60

Siren Miniatures, Ingrid (new in box, resin): $20

Enigma, Eduhin (new in package, metal): $8

Dark Sword Minis, Will Scarlet the Squirrel (new in package, metal): $8

Siren Miniatures, Witness (new in box, resin): $25

Happy little bag of succubi (metal): $5 for both

Raging Heroes - Elerial and Alariel (new in box, mixed): $20

Bane Legions - Nagausith (new in box, resin): $20

Brown Bunny Miniatures - Bunny Girl 273/300 (new in bag, resin): $200 (I can't find her anywhere online. Please reach out to me if you do)

Raging Heroes - Skaryaa (new in package, hard plastic I think): $20

Sister of Battle Canoness (no packaging, as is, metal): $6

1914 Truce Mini (no packaging, as is, metal): $10

Pack of Soda Pop Mini Girls from Rune Knight Kickstarter (as seen in pic, metal): SOLD

Sister of Battle Canoness (new in package, metal): $10, buy both sisters for $15, or all 3 for $40

Sister of Battle Celestine (all in package, metal): $30, or combine all three sisters for $40

Warhammer walls and fences (I used a little bit of one fence, everything else still in there, plastic): $25

Siren Miniatures, Syle (new in package, resin): $20

Unicorn (no package, metal): $5

Painted Sleeping Beauty (metal, great for DnD campaigns): $30

Painted Archer (metal archer, plastic base, also great for DnD): $40

Micro Armour Tanks with Box (metal): $20

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