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A breach in the North IV - 30th November

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After three hugely successful events the fourth instalment returns. A 3 round, 50ss event that is fixed faction. The event is once again at Element games in Stockport (address below)

Tickets are £12.50, if you could send the payment as a GIFT via PayPal to carl7lee@hotmail.com along with your full name please. Expect a plethora of trophies and prizes as usual

The encounters will be posted below, all of the faction books should have been released for this event so all models will be allowed provided this is the case. Multiple masters will not be allowed in this event (Viks of course are as they are a pair).

I have the whole venue to fill up so space is pretty much unlimited and schedule for the day will be as follows:

9:30-10:00 - Registration/Introduction
10:00-12:30 - Round 1
12:30-13:00 - Lunch/Best painted
13:00-15:30 - Round 2
15:45-18:15 - Round 3
18:30 - Raffle/Awards/Goodbyes

The rounds have been set at 2 hours and 15 minutes for crews, terrain discussion and scheme selection.

The address for Element Games is:

1st Floor, Hallam Business Centre, Hallam Street, Stockport SK2 6PT

Game 1
Standard deployment - Plant explosives
Dig their graves
Search the ruins
Take prisoner

Game 2
Wedge - Turf war
Power Ritual
Claim jump
Hold up their forces

Game 3
Flank - Reckoning
Search the ruins
Harness the leyline
Detonate the charges
Deliver a message
Claim jump

The Facebook event can be found HERE

Any questions, just ask :) 

1. Stuart Baxter (P)
2. Radek Bry (P)
3. Darren Mekwinski (P)
4. Jon Cooper (P)
5. Chris Gilboy (P)
6. Zed Strong (P)
7. Allie Whitfield (P)
8. Oliver Carrdus (P)

9. Kevin Gillett (P)
10. Jason Miller (P)
11. Gordon Barlow (P)
12. Dan Knight (P)
13. Rob Hallam (P)
14. Dan Brown (P)
15. David Cameron (P)
16. Graham Allington
17. James Joynson (P)
18. Gareth Hirst (P)
19. Andrew Walker (P)
20. Cai Bird (P)
21. Emma Newham (P)
22. Alyx Drake (P)
23. Aidan Kirk (P)
24. Dave Allen (P)
25. Keiren Bradwell (P)
26. Russell Hunt (P)
27. James Talbot (P)
28. Courtney Murray (P)
29. Daniel Garnett (P)
30. Tom Panah (P)
31. James Doxey (P)
32. Adam Hansell
33. Tom Sanders (P)
34. Tom Skitt (P)
Aaron Bowey (P)
36. Oz Goff (P)
37. Luke Cocksedge (P)
38. Anthony Dudden (P)
39. Daniel Eatch (P)
40. Michael Arnott (P)
41. Kyle Douglas (P)
42. Andy Bushell (P)
43. Martin Richardson (P)
44. Elliott Boyd (P)
45. John Johnson (P)
46. Elliott Dalton (P)

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A great bit of early interest has brought us up to 11 confirmed players. There is plenty of time until the event but early support is always hugely supported for sorting out the event budget and getting everything well in advance.

Cheers :) 

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Another update regarding prizes, there will be the Alternate Molly nightmare box available as a prize at the event.

Plenty of space, I haven't put a number cap because there isn't one and I will just add as sign ups roll in.

Also this will be the last ranked event of the calendar for those wanting a nationals push.

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Encounters will be published tomorrow for this event.

Currently sitting at 16 players paid with plenty more confirming attendance and paying on payday, I also suspect numbers will rise after nationals.

For the swag I am ordering 5 breach 4 30mm markers for the first 24 attendees. They will be in either black or white and will probably get some use on the day ;)

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